20 Reasons to Share Your Sales Process with Your ComputerReason No 1 – Because It’s Cool

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Well right off the bat, computers are cool. Every salesperson has one in some form or another. The choice is not limited to laptops or desktops—might as well include smartphones, tablets, phablets, ultrabooks, chromebooks and, of course, pads and pods. And now there’s wearable computing—soon salespeople will be looking through Google Glass, and reading their schedule on their iWatch, Gear 2, and so on (and on).

Technology has proven valuable for salespeople, assisting in a zillion different ways to do things better, faster, and overall, just making things easier. The effect is, or should be, more sales. But all of this is not that new— can it be cool? Cool easily becomes a passing fad.

But, I’m not talking about just technology being cool. Someone might think that delivering a two hour PowerPoint presentation from their iPhone coupled to a projector the size of a matchbox is cool. That’s just using technology to do the same old thing. The point is, the presentation will still be flawed because of the screwy limitations of PowerPoint. Now, it’s a different story if the salesperson delivers the show using the Lawrence Lessig PowerPoint method. That would score more points from the customer, and believe me, Lawrence Lessig is forever cool.

Note that the title specifically says “sharing the sales process with the computer” Perhaps “being cool” isn’t the most persuasive argument for companies to invest their money and time. But in the case of technology and the sales force I think it might be. Imagine teaching your smartphone everything about the process the salesperson uses to win the sale, and I mean everything that happens in the sales cycle, the interactions with the customer, the dynamics that evolve from what you discover and what you influence. The computer becomes a partner, an advisor, a sounding board. It doesn’t try to take over, but it points out any deviation from proven strategies that work.

Imaging this kind of cooperation on all the sales situations in your sales opportunity portfolio that are open right now—usually a lot of them!  Situations at different points in the sale, needing different levels of attention, and requiring customized selling tactics. If the computer in the phone, phablet, pod, pad or whatever knows the broad strokes, it won’t let you, the salesperson, miss anything—it works with you to get the most out of that portfolio. This is the “Getting Things Done in Sales” and believe me, when it happens, its cool!

In the 19 other reasons, which we’ll introduce weekly, we’ll reinforce why computational selling is cool, and why sales-centric CRM is COOL. Hang around the HUB, and chill!

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