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One of the things that we will be doing is creating lots of our own videos on sales-related topics and on the ASPEC and OPM products, and also publishing videos from other sources that might be interesting to sales professionals. One of the first of those was in the first of our Entertainment articles – the clip from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross featuring Alec Baldwin’s famous “always be selling” rant.

To get started on our own productions, we’ve created a series of three introductory videos to ASPEC Cloud. In a previous article, Keith Thompson introduced you to ASPEC, so you can learn about the meaning of the ASPEC acronym and the development and explanation of the unique and patented ASPEC Sales Methodology there.

Or, if you want to sit back and watch, these three videos are done in a “marketing how-to” style, explaining some of the use of the application while also describing what is going on in the background to apply the methodology to your sales opportunities.

One of the first reactions sales professionals have to ASPEC is that it seems like magic and therefore not really a serious tool. This is because the program has been designed to be extremely easy to use while at the same time providing an unprecedented level of support and guidance to the user. For example, two dates and two multiple choice questions yield a probability/risk assessment and a priority for working the opportunity. This seems like, well, magic.

It isn’t, and the videos will give you an idea why. Two dates define the beginning and end of your sales cycle and ASPEC is able to normalize time and model the sales cycle and your current position, establishing the time dimension for everything you do. The two questions, while deceptively simple, make you boil everything you know at that moment down to three possible levels, establishing the probability using a matrix. When you combine time and probability, you get priority. Simple to use, but sophisticated in analysis.

The link to the videos is on The HUB for easy access. The three in this series are titled Introduction to ASPEC Cloud, Introduction to the OPM Planner – Priority View, and Introduction to the OPM Planner – Forecast View.

Enjoy them. Comment on them. Be part of The ASPEC Experience.

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