ASPEC Mobile – the Movie

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It’s finally here – the sequel to ASPEC Cloud – the Movie, the blockbuster that had us all on the edge of our seats, wondering, “Will it happen? Will we win?”

Yes, it’s ASPEC Mobile – the Movie! Smaller than the original. Available for only $4.99, less than a bucket of popcorn. All your favorite characters are back – Probability, Risk, Forecast, Priority. You’ll find them in the same views, doing the same things, BUT SMALLER! ON YOUR IPHONE! See it now!

OK, that was fun.

We have added a new video, this one introducing the ASPEC Mobile app. It runs about 3 minutes and gives a good overview of the technology and use of the app. You’ll find it through this link, or in the Library, or at

Here is an introduction to ASPEC Cloud Companion – a web-based interface to see Analytics, Forecast, as well as configure ASPEC Mobile and export your data.

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