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Low Velocity Selling – Persistence

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Ed. Today, Claire Waggoner is going to talk about old school selling, about relationships and trust, and building them with persistence and patience. This is at the very core of relationship-focused selling and the selling skills you must practice to handle all of the different environments that you encounter.

It’s tricky to know when to push on with a potential customer who is not available or responsive, and when to let it drop.  In our current environment, it seems that metrics are applied to figure this out for you. Make 8.4 phone calls without a connection and give up, or three scripted voicemails over six days without a return call and move on, or whatever your theory of prospecting is.

High velocity selling, they call it. And I guess it must work for some people and situations because it seems to be the sales process du jour.

I’ve never used that approach, so I can’t really comment on it. I’ve had it used on me, and I didn’t really like it. If it works for you, great. If you’re doing it because someone told you it works, maybe look at your goals and results to see if that is true. I will say there is not just one formula for this. Your business intuition and style have a great deal to do with success.

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The Key to Sales Success: Pick Up the Phone!

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This can actually be an extremely short article. The key to sales success? Pick up the phone, make the call, track the results, do it again. That’s it. You’re a successful salesperson.

OK, there is more to it than that, but one of the biggest obstacles to success anywhere, and certainly in sales, is substituting busy work for progress. “I worked hard all day, therefore I am a good and valuable employee.” One does not necessarily relate to the other.

There can be an astonishing amount of effort put into the planning that goes into organizing the top, medium and bottom groups of clients to call. Then within those groups, who first, second, and so on. Then you can lay out talking points and even roll play them with other people.

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