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Three SFA Design Principles to Optimize Adoption

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Ed. We’re introducing a new and very welcome contributor to The HUB today – Mr. Gerry Murray of the International Data Corporation. Gerry is an expert in high-tech marketing, including working with some of the world’s largest software and services companies. In addition to IDC, Gerry was Managing Editor at, a Softrax initiative, and built the marketing infrastructure at Panviva. His article on SFA implementation is simply good stuff for our readers.

According to IDC’s Best Practices in SFA Deployment study, understanding the life of your sales reps and first-line sales managers is key to the adoption of your CRM. Weaving it into their daily routine and motivating them to fill out tedious forms with crucial information is where the rubber really hits the road.  IDC’s recent research into automation systems for marketing and sales shows that you need to cross the 75% adoption line as quickly as possible then reach and maintain 90%+ in order to get the most out of your IT investments in these areas.

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