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Prioritize Sales Opportunities to Maximize Results

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Priority is an important concept in selling. It helps us to determine how we should organize our work on the opportunities in our portfolios in order to maximize their value, and maximize our income. Although the idea is intuitive in theory, it is not always obvious in the reality and pressures of dealing with real sales opportunities in real time.

There are many ways to prioritize opportunities. We may prioritize based on order potential (size), the strategic nature of the prospect, or our estimated probability of success, for example.  Although these are acceptable practices, they may not guarantee we will maximize the results of our efforts.  A large potential order with very limited likelihood of success may prove to be a time sink that prevents us from acting on opportunities that might result in a larger payoff.

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Teaching Techs to Promote Your Business

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Ed. – Another new contributor to The HUB, Jim Baston, author of Beyond Great Service and the leader behind Proactive Service – a targeted and practical program to help technical service organizations achieve their business goals. Jim holds an MBA and is actively involved in the technical service business. We are very happy to have him here, sharing his unique perspectives on sales and selling.

If you have technicians who install, service and/or maintain equipment in the field, then you have a tremendous opportunity to significantly increase revenues and profitability without adding to sales costs.  This can be done by formally engaging your technicians in enthusiastically promoting your services.  However, it may not be as easy as it first appears.  Although many firms have considered the value of getting technicians to promote their products and services, only a small number have really been able to generate sustainable results.  In this article we will consider why the results have been so disappointing.

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