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MS Surface RT – A Project Manager’s Test

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Project Management with RT

As a project manager whose customers rely on MS Office, I am a heavy user of those programs. I lug my Windows 7 laptop between work and home quite often, and I am not a fan of dealing with that when I’m buying my morning coffee or anything that requires two hands. When I learned that I can have a lightweight Windows 8 device I was very receptive to trying it out. Unfortunately, it would be Surface RT and not Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro is $799 and allows you to install programs that run on Windows 8. The Surface RT goes for $349 and runs MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Even without running other programs, I thought the Surface RT might be enough for a test drive to check what it can deliver compared with a clunky  laptop or a simple iPad.

The first impression, of course, is what is on the outside. The device is a meticulous piece of hardware, with the exception of hard edges, which make the surface somewhat hard to hold. The iPad looks more modern, but on the Surface screen my fingerprints seem less visible. The power cord looks strange at first, but very soon it is not noticeable.

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