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Sales Management… Research Reveals the Important Stuff

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Market Research

Ed. We’re welcoming back Jason Jordan of Vantage Point Performance with a second research-based article. This time, it’s sales management that gets examined, and they found some interesting information on how all of you sales managers spend your time, and offer some very cogent observations on how it might be better spent.

We often contend (and do believe) that the sales manager’s role is the most complex in any organization. They are part teacher, part coach, part salesperson, part CFO, part IT director, part marketing manager, part sales support, and perhaps parts of many other roles. Sales managers do a bunch of stuff. But what stuff matters the most?

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How CRM Is Failing: New Insights In Sales Measurement and Management

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Measure Success

Ed.- Jason Jordan, our latest guest contributor, is a partner at Vantage Point Performance, a leading training and development firm for sales management. Jason is the co-author of Cracking the Sales Management Code and currently the Director of Research for the Sales Education Foundation and a visiting faculty member University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Almost ran out of room with all of these citations.

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