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3 Simple Ways To Make Your Sales Calls More Productive

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When your sales activity is low and you’re not hitting your targets for the month, your sales manager will often assume that you’re not making enough calls in a day. Since, to most salespeople, sales is a numbers game – the more calls you make and the more potential customers you talk to, the higher your chances are of closing a deal. But is sales really a numbers game? Isn’t the number of calls you make irrelevant, if you are continually striking out each time because you keep making the same mistake? What about your sales strategy?

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4 Ways To Become a Highly Productive Person

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I’m sure we’ve all figured it out by now that regardless of the number of cups we drink, our morning coffee (or tea) won’t automatically make us more productive. Since, admit it, we all love distractions and we can barely make it through a day (or make it through writing a HUB post) without being interrupted and getting side-tracked.

I’m always searching for new ways of increasing efficiency, whether it be with innovative apps or simple tips for my daily routine. After recently making some minimal changes in my life, I have managed to increase my own productivity at home and at work. Here are some tips that helped me become more productive.

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Sales Tech Talk: MS Surface Gets the Treatment

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As you may know, here at SalesWays, we’re putting the focus on salespeople when it comes to looking at tech tools, and after our last Sales Tech Talk review on the Samsung Note 8.0 we’re excited to get our hands on the next tech gadget.

Next up for review is the Microsoft Surface RT. Though it’s not the first time we’ve written about this tablet, (our tech-aholic Keith Thompson reviewed it earlier this year), our team will take turns reviewing this mobile device and will report back to you on its effectiveness for sales professional, along with our overall impressions of the device.

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3 Tips on How To Maximize Technology and Improve Sales Productivity

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It’s July already? Time sure flies when you’re being productive! And it’s hard to believe that even with 24 hours in a day and 8 hours in a workday, I still struggle to find enough time to do everything there is to do. There are only so many to-do lists I can make, and after (disappointingly) learning that multitasking is a myth, I’ve had to rely on tools and technology to help manage my time better.

In my last post, I shared with you my top 5 favourite apps that help keep me organized, focused, and most importantly, productive. Being organized at home is just as important as being organized at work and there are many innovative sales productivity tools (some that you may have not even considered) that can help you better organize and efficiently manage your sales force.

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Technically Speaking – SalesWays Hub Introduces Sales Tech Talk

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Sales Tech Talk

As sales professionals, we get a lot of pressure to consistently meet our targets and produce sales. Yet, a sales person is only as effective as their best sales tool. With the increasing variety of gadgets on the market that claim to increase sales productivity, it’s hard to gauge the usefulness, or rather, the effectiveness of each of these technologies in terms of sales productivity.

Everyone talks a lot about sales training, sales coaching and sales methodology, but there is little discussion about the blending of sales and technology. In our case, without technology, SalesWays wouldn’t exist. We’ve looked everywhere, and we can’t find anyone that’s really putting the focus on salespeople when looking at tech tools.

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5 Apps to Keep You Personally Productive

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Post It Face

Chris Hamoen wrote about his favorite iPhone apps for business last week, and that got me to thinking about what apps I use, and what for. The what for was easy – productivity. With so much to do, so little time, how can we possibly keep track of it all? Without constant reminders, alarms and notifications, I would be lucky to get to work, let alone make it through the day.

For the most part, our lives have become automated and routinized, which is good news for those of us who were not blessed with the ability to multi-task. There are hundreds, even thousands, of tools and applications to help increase productivity in our day-to-day lives. But which productivity apps are making life easier, and which are just cluttering up our daily task lists? Productivity tools are only useful if they are easy to use. Less is more and simple is better.

We cannot manage time – we can only manage ourselves. So, here is a list of five of my favourite productivity tools, the ones I use everyday to do that:

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Is Your Sales Team Using Social Media Effectively?

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Digital Communication

The number of social networks is quickly expanding and gaining momentum in most professions. Your marketers are getting social, but what about your sales team? Come to think of it – haven’t sales people always been social? But are they doing it right?

In today’s social sphere, more B2B customers are accessing information and interacting with products and services via social media networks long before they begin the buying process. For sales people, the increasing number of social networks creates the opportunity for entirely new channels of listening, relating, and engaging with current and potential customers. It’s time to evolve. Introducing – the social sales professional.

Here are 3 tips to help you leverage social media to help increase your sales productivity and in turn, provide more value for your customers.

Tip #1: Coordinate your teams’ social sales network.

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