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Here it is – my curriculum for a Bachelor of Arts in Sales Degree. I built the list from three sources: my own little brain, other blogs, and college curriculums.

See what you think. Move them around. Add new ones, delete other ones, describe the course content. Whatever. Just THINK about it and what YOU CAN DO to make our profession a degree program. Then maybe send it to your state university or local community college or alma mater with prints of my two previous articles decrying the state of sales education.

Sales Courses
These are 15 courses directly covering sales topics. Not other topics including sales, but just sales! From these, students would have some required (below) and some elective.

• Introduction to Sales
• Intermediate Sales
• Advanced Sales Techniques
• Advanced Sales – Internship
• The History of Sales
• Sales Automation
• Sales Methodology 101, 102
• Sales Methodology Seminars
• Market Segments – From Retail to Aerospace
• Sales Management
• Sales Ethics
• International Sales
• Advanced International Sales
• Sales Law
• Internet Marketing & Sales

Required Courses
These are the 18 courses students would have to complete with a C+ or better to earn their degree. This includes some non-sales specific courses.

• Introduction to Sales
• Intermediate Sales
• Advanced Sales – Internship
• Sales Methodology 101
• Sales Methodology 102
• Sales Ethics
• Sales elective 1
• Sales elective 2
• Psychology 101
• Psychology 102
• English Composition and Style
• Business Accounting
• Business Mathematics
• Microeconomics
• Macroeconomics
• Business Writing
• Introduction to Marketing
• Computer Applications for Business

Other Elective Courses
Students would be required to pick at least 6 of these courses and complete them with a C- or better to earn their degree.

• Psychology 201
• Psychology 202
• Sociology 101
• Sociology 102
• Business Management
• Market Research
• Graphic Design
• Public Speaking
• Advanced Computer Applications for Business
• Social Networking
• Business Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Public Relations
• Business Statistics
• Organizational Behavior
• Management Information Systems
• Multinational Business Operations
• Strategic Management & Business Policy
• Risk Management & Insurance
• Principles of Purchasing
• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• Human Resource Management
• Negotiation & Conflict Management

There it is. A perfectly reasonable curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales.

Here are links to my two previous articles on this subject. I encourage you to send them along with this article to any and all colleges and universities and community colleges that you are associated with or near.

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