Baseball, Big Data, and Selling.

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A while ago I wrote a post on Sabermetrics which us using baseball statistics to make strategic decisions in improving a team’s performance especially when it came to individual performers. This was the subject of the story in the movie “Moneyball” staring Brad Pit. My post was how to use some of these ideas in building sales teams.

Now there is another book that discusses the role of Big Data in baseball.  (“Big Data Baseball ; Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20yr Losing Streak,”  by Travis Sawchik. This idea takes Sabermetrics a bit further and looks at the idea of sifting the huge amount of Big Data that has amassed in baseball to make long range decisions on a Club’s success rate. Lessons to be learned here for sales – yes I think so. The mass adoption of CRM in large companies has produced trillions of bytes of raw data that can almost certainly tells something about how the sales team has functioned over the years, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to do some tuning up to improve things.

I did a post about Big Data, which I called Big (Bad) Data which is worth reading if you are interested in Sarchik’s book. Masses of good data are fine, but don’t expect to get anything out of a pile of bad stuff – and unfortunately that is the state of many CRM databases out there.

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