ASPEC Cloud – the Movie

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One of the things that we will be doing is creating lots of our own videos on sales-related topics and on the ASPEC and OPM products, and also publishing videos from other sources that might be interesting to sales professionals. One of the first of those was in the first of our Entertainment articles – the clip from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross featuring Alec Baldwin’s famous “always be selling” rant.

To get started on our own productions, we’ve created a series of three introductory videos to ASPEC Cloud. In a previous article, Keith Thompson introduced you to ASPEC, so you can learn about the meaning of the ASPEC acronym and the development and explanation of the unique and patented ASPEC Sales Methodology there.

Or, if you want to sit back and watch, these three videos are done in a “marketing how-to” style, explaining some of the use of the application while also describing what is going on in the background to apply the methodology to your sales opportunities.

One of the first reactions sales professionals have to ASPEC is that it seems like magic and therefore not really a serious tool. This is because the program has been designed to be extremely easy to use while at the same time providing an unprecedented level of support and guidance to the user. For example, two dates and two multiple choice questions yield a probability/risk assessment and a priority for working the opportunity. This seems like, well, magic.

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What is ASPEC?

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What is ASPEC

If you are visiting The HUB from the Apple App Store or the SalesWays web site, you will already know that ASPEC is the name of a new generation of sales productivity tools designed to harness the immense power of technology in the twenty-first century. But more than just a product name, ASPEC represents the meaning of the core methodology that powers the product.

At the heart of ASPEC is a simple, elegant model of a universal sales process translated to be understood in computer software. ASPEC is an Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer. Let’s take a look at that in detail.


The challenges of managing many ongoing sales opportunities are greatly eased with ASPEC. Because ASPEC uses an innovative model of the sales transaction, many of the characteristics common across all sales opportunities can be reviewed, recalculated, and tracked automatically by the computer.

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Introduction to the ASPEC Category – Don’t Miss It

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The SalesWays HUB was created by the people behind the unique ASPEC Sales Methodology and the Opportunity Portfolio Management system that puts that into practice. We intend for The HUB to be as non-commercial as possible, but there are limits to that. After all, SalesWays is in the name. We invented ASPEC, and that way of thinking is ingrained in us, and it will naturally bleed over into all of our writing and conversations.

So we’re going to do the next best thing – lump everything specifically related to ASPEC and SalesWays into one category. It will be a great category, to be sure, with lots of very cutting-edge thinking and discussions about products — past, present, and future. And also stories about how we got to where we are. It wasn’t a smooth trip — journeys to new territory seldom are — but it was never boring.

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