The First 100

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Ed. tells me that we have reached the 100 post mark. Doesn’t seem possible, but I never argue with Ed. (Ed. – Yes, he does.) A couple of words about how The HUB came about might be in order.

A whole year ago the SalesWays team were slogging away at some hefty projects. The driving force was getting our sales opportunity application onto the iPhone. The only portable device we had worked with before was the Palm Pilot, way back in 2005. At that time we called our app “Sales Cycle Manager”. The Palm version became quite popular and had its share of raving fans. But, the iPhone set a new benchmark for smart phones and we were determined to take advantage of it.

We christened the new product “ASPEC.” (Ed. – It’s an acronym for Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer.) It makes our sales methods available to everyone, anywhere, through mobile and cloud-based platforms. With our innovative Opportunity Portfolio Management sales training and methodology included, we knew we had a big story to tell. That is what led us to the idea of The HUB.

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What Am I Doing Here?

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You Are Here

This is the first in a series I’m calling The Koan of Sales. In Buddhism, koan is a nonsensical or paradoxical question to a student where an answer is demanded and the stress of meditation on the question is often illuminating. So that’s what I’m going to do, ask some questions and see what thinking about them does.

And here is the first one: What the hell am I doing here?

When I was in my mid-twenties and on a business trip, I got off a plane in Syracuse, NY and watched my seat mate, an older man, maybe 60, head directly to the pay phone bank (pre-cell phone days) next to baggage claim. As I waited, I could overhear him making calls and trying to arrange sales meetings. How sad, I thought. To be that old and still flying into town and trying to cold-call customers. That will never be me!

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Welcome to The SalesWays Hub

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Welcome to the SalesWays HubWelcome to The HUB, a SalesWays web resource dedicated to innovations in sales and technology.

The HUB is the place where those of us who love sales – professionals, students, managers, anyone – can come to learn, to share, and to connect. The challenges facing salespeople today are greater than ever, mostly because of the Internet itself. Customers can learn about product innovation and advancement in ways never before possible – who needs a salesperson?

But sales is by definition competitive, and in most cases customers need the assistance of the sales professional to find the appropriate solution for their needs because buying, too, has become ever more challenging, and the expert advice and knowledge of a salesperson can cut through the clutter like no web page can alone.

Technology has been a boon to selling in the areas of communication, presentation, calendaring, prospecting, and much much more. And technology has invaded and conquered other spaces we couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago. Your garage door opener has more memory than the first PC’s. Computers in your car will parallel park for you. And a computer knocked off the greatest chess player in the world.

As yet though, there is little push to make the synergy of sales methodology and computer technology work fully to the advantage of the salesperson.

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Introduction to The Week In Review

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Introduction to this, introduction to that, introduction to something else. And now and introduction to the summary of introductions. Is this entire site an introduction to something? Can it introduce me to Selma Hayek?

If you want to leave and go get a beer, we understand.

Introductions, of course, are the drawback of a launch week for a content-heavy web resource. You have to start somewhere, and when you’re offering as much information and knowledge and opinion as we are, it all needs an introduction. If nothing else, you need a roadmap to navigate the content and a guide for future articles.

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Introduction to The Library, Our Ultimate Sales Knowledge Resource

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Here at The HUB, we have tried (and will keep on trying) to include everything that a sales professional might find interesting and useful as he or she carries on the never-ending battle to close that next sale. An important part of that is our Library. Come on in, have a coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy a read from our fast-growing collection of material illustrating new thoughts on selling from professionals and experts, including you.

All of our stuff and your stuff gets archived here – posts, comments, forum discussions, tech reviews, fun tidbits and a wide range of media from white papers to videos. We’ll try to make your hunt as effortless as possible by organizing everything into meaningful categories and groupings, and including tags and other devices to make your searches quick and efficient. And if you have any suggestions for content, send them along and we’ll get on it immediately.

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Introduction to the General Sales Category

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Books On Sales.

How Did You Come To Selling?

It’s All In My Head.

Selling Anything To Anyone (Except Me).

Is Selling Even a Profession?

These are just a few of the articles we’ll be publishing in this category, General Sales. The criteria for getting here are pretty clear – the subject must be interesting and pertain to sales, the writing must be good, the theme compelling, and the article won’t fit in any of our other categories. Not Methodology nor Productivity nor Education nor Technology, or whatever. Just General.

To give you a preview of what’s coming, Books On Sales is not a book review or an index or anything like that. It’s a short article (we’d call it a rant, but the author is an English Gentleman, and they never rant outside of Parliament) on some of the shortcomings of books about sales. And there are many. Books on sales and shortcomings.

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