The Week In Review – Dec 2, 2012

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Let’s see, Alabama and Notre Dame will be playing for the American college football championship; unrest continued in Egypt; Brad Pitt’s latest movie was panned by the critics …

Oh, sorry. I got carried away for a moment. So let’s review The HUB’s week, and not the world’s.

Keith Thompson noticed an interesting blog entry in the Harvard Business review where they chastise CEOs and warn them they need to be more serious about sales in general and sales analytics in particular. This is an especially interesting idea here, and we have a series of six articles on sales analytics from different authors coming up.

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How to Sell Anything to Anybody (Except Me)

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I don’t know who Joe Girard is, although I probably should. According to his website, he is the Deloitte & Touche-certified, Guinness Book of World Records designated “World’s Best Salesman.” I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t been waiting in line at FedEx while sending off a package.

FedEx sells books in their stores. Yes, they do. Talk about an impulse buy. No one goes to FedEx to shop for books, so the titles had better resonate with those of us standing in line with nothing to do but scan the book rack. And the title that set me to vibrating was Joe’s book How to Sell Anything to Anybody.

Not vibrating in a good way, but shaking with irritation and frustration. The title is simply offensive to me. It demeans sales as a profession and makes us all look like sleazy tricksters who mesmerize unsuspecting people into spending their money on something they don’t want or need. In my case, Joe’s book. This is like Tolstoy deciding to call War and Peace ‘Bloody Love’ to sell more copies. Actually, he kind of did that. The first version of War and Peace was titled 1805. By comparison. War and Peace sounds downright Ludlum-ian (or Clancy-esque or Gresham-rific, take your pick).

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The Week In Review – Nov 25, 2012

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As I write that title, I feel there should be dramatic music blaring and a baritone speaking it out loud with images of the world turning in the background. But no, it’s not The Daily Show.

But, good news! Only two introductions this past week! That’s a record! The previous week we did six! That’s a 67% savings! And the week before that? Well, we weren’t actually publishing then, so we did none. And I got five exclamation points into one paragraph! Six.

We did manage to sneak in three real articles in the flurry of introductions. The Method Controlled Us offered an interesting take on how a sales methodology has to reflect real life and real work. You can try to inject some cool gadget or clever process or cute jargon, but if it doesn’t reflect the method, if it doesn’t fit your real work, it will fail.

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Introduction to The Week In Review

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Introduction to this, introduction to that, introduction to something else. And now and introduction to the summary of introductions. Is this entire site an introduction to something? Can it introduce me to Selma Hayek?

If you want to leave and go get a beer, we understand.

Introductions, of course, are the drawback of a launch week for a content-heavy web resource. You have to start somewhere, and when you’re offering as much information and knowledge and opinion as we are, it all needs an introduction. If nothing else, you need a roadmap to navigate the content and a guide for future articles.

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Introduction to The Library, Our Ultimate Sales Knowledge Resource

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Here at The HUB, we have tried (and will keep on trying) to include everything that a sales professional might find interesting and useful as he or she carries on the never-ending battle to close that next sale. An important part of that is our Library. Come on in, have a coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy a read from our fast-growing collection of material illustrating new thoughts on selling from professionals and experts, including you.

All of our stuff and your stuff gets archived here – posts, comments, forum discussions, tech reviews, fun tidbits and a wide range of media from white papers to videos. We’ll try to make your hunt as effortless as possible by organizing everything into meaningful categories and groupings, and including tags and other devices to make your searches quick and efficient. And if you have any suggestions for content, send them along and we’ll get on it immediately.

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Introduction to the General Sales Category

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Books On Sales.

How Did You Come To Selling?

It’s All In My Head.

Selling Anything To Anyone (Except Me).

Is Selling Even a Profession?

These are just a few of the articles we’ll be publishing in this category, General Sales. The criteria for getting here are pretty clear – the subject must be interesting and pertain to sales, the writing must be good, the theme compelling, and the article won’t fit in any of our other categories. Not Methodology nor Productivity nor Education nor Technology, or whatever. Just General.

To give you a preview of what’s coming, Books On Sales is not a book review or an index or anything like that. It’s a short article (we’d call it a rant, but the author is an English Gentleman, and they never rant outside of Parliament) on some of the shortcomings of books about sales. And there are many. Books on sales and shortcomings.

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