Your CRM Solution – Great Dashboard and Poor Results

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Imagine someone is buying a car simply based on the quality of the dashboard instrumentation. The speedometer is more accurate than an average car, there is a wonderful navigation system that provides the driver with details of their journey, and a number of additional instruments displaying the engine condition. All of this is nicely presented with an attractive design and interface. Now this person takes out the new car for their first ride and it turns out that the car performs poorly. The acceleration is too low to keep up with the traffic. The fuel economy, combined with a small fuel tank, forces the driver to make frequent stops costing valuable time. The exclusive focus on the dashboard led to the purchase of a car with low performance superbly displayed on a fancy dashboard.

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Arm Yourself With A New Sales Strategy and Sales Tool: Change

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Change. It happens all the time, and sales cycles are no exception. Maybe even more often than in other professions, change happens. You’ve got a mix of personalities and factors. You’ve got a winner-takes-all process with dollars and careers on the line. There is competition, sometimes severe competition. There are others out there whose goal is to screw you over. They make plans, set their tactics to do so in secret and will spring them on you unannounced.

And that’s just on the selling side. On the buying side, you have many of the same factors. Budgets disappear, organizations re-organize, schedules expand or contract, urgency disappears or increases, new solutions to old problems are found, and so on.

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The Real Reason Salespeople Fail To Sell

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Everyone has heard about meritocracy, a professional evaluation and compensation model based on achieved results, usually revenues. It has been successful model for years and it is used all over the world, moving companies and industries up in business. In most cases, meritocracy produces effective and positive results, however, in extreme cases, it has also caused negative side effects across sales teams.

In terms of managing people, I’ve read an article where experts say that in extreme cases of meritocracy, employees can experience increased stress. This stress will actually have the opposite effect of success, and will lower their drive to produce results, which will result in the failure to reach sales targets and goals. As business gets more competitive, maybe it’s time to think about the evolution of the means by which we obtain results through people. In particular – salespeople.

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The Future of the Sales Executive

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Dyanne Thorn Leeson has gained a breadth of experience in sales management, coaching, and leadership, while working for Kodak, Xerox, Canon and IBM. Dyanne recently completed her MBA degree with a specialization in International Sales and Key account management. From her genuine interest to inspire and motivate others she shares her unique perspectives gained from her experience in sales, her background in training, coaching individuals and her most recent academic development. She continues to develop herself and aims to remain up-to-date with current thinking in the sales arena.

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The 3 C’s of Groupware: Communication, Collaboration and Coordination

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In my last post I talked about Lotus Notes—how Notes was the first commercially available software application that positively improved the ways teams of people worked together. This new breed of business application was labeled “groupware.” Groupware emerged as computers and networks became universally available across organizations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Automation (SFA) were the first front office applications made possible by groupware.

In business, people work in teams. Teams are designed to address mission critical processes like finance, production, or development. In the so-called “front office” (customer facing) the three core teams are marketing, sales, and service. CRM uses technology to create information across the core teams and to provide an infrastructure for using and sharing it. There’s no doubt that storing and sharing customer information is the central tenet of CRM— if the information is bad, or incomplete, the CRM initiative will fail.

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Online Selling & Promotion – My Experience So Far

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From my October 1 article which I titled E-Selling: Rowing Upstream With One Oar:

I’m going to follow this up with some more articles describing my first-hand experiences trying to tackle this new world of e-selling on a budget that wouldn’t cover the bar tab in my previous sales experience. You could all save me the trouble by getting everyone you know to buy my book.

Well, you failed, because after clawing its way to Number 35 on Amazon’s Best Seller list in its genre, my book has slowly settled back and rests comfortably outside the top 100. Sales are steady, although steady at a pace below what I’d hoped for by this time.

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The Week In Review – October 20, 2013

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Last week, we started re-printing some articles from the members-only magazine of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in London, England. This week, we offer up another one – a very interesting take on making presentation. So take a look at that and the other thirteen articles that appeared on our front page this past week.


Monday – Improve Sales Training – Flip It
Salespeople today have to know more and know it better. This requires innovative approaches to training that are effective, efficient, and affordable. With modern e-learning and coaching software options, “Flipping” training to minimize classroom time is now possible.

Wednesday – Samsung S4 Final Review for Business Users – Is the iPhone Better?
In his comprehensive usability review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, our reformed Apple Fanboy finds it simply less fully developed and mature than the iPhone, and with his new-found Android environment, wishes he’d gotten the HTC One, instead.

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The Week In Review – October 13, 2013

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Is anybody out there? It’s a quiet Sunday here in the U.S., what with everyone gone away on vacation with their not-for-working government paychecks. We’re picking up the slack with extra articles this week. Not that those government employees will be reading them. They don’t have to sell anything. They just buy stuff.


Monday – Lunch – The (Ultimate) Death of a Salesman
24% of your normal meals occur during the work day. What are you supposed to do to balance your work obligations with your health ones? Here is a look at the different options sales professionals face and some suggestions.

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Lunch – The (Ultimate) Death of a Salesman

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Good Lunch

Theoretically, in our Western culture we eat 21 meals each week. (3 times 7 equals 21. See how easy that was?) Five of those meals occur in the middle of the typical workday. 24% of your fuel intake happens when you’re supposed to be working. The obvious solution for work day productivity – stop eating lunch.

OK, don’t. That’s bad advice even by my standards of advice. Here’s better advice – eat a good, nutritional lunch every work day. And do it away from your desk. Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor at UC-Davis who studies the psychology of the workplace, says getting away from your desk can provide a boost in creativity.

“Never taking a break from very careful thought-work actually reduces your ability to be creative,” she says. “It sort of exhausts your cognitive capacity and you’re not able to make the creative connections you can if your brain is more rested.”

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The Week In Review – October 6, 2013

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ASPEC for Salesforce

The U.S. government shut down this week. The HUB didn’t. Of course the Tea Party has an entirely different meaning here, and we prefer ours with crumpets and chased with a bit of Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt. Or maybe just skip the tea and crumpets altogether. I expect Congress would be a more jovial place after a bit of the Balvenie.


Tuesday – E-Selling – Rowing Upstream With One Oar
Our Editor foolishly sets out to sell his self-published e-book and finds that social networking isn’t at all social and e-selling isn’t really sales and, surprise, there is no shortcut to success.

Thursday – ASPEC for Salesforce – Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
SalesWays has released the long-awaited add-on for the world’s most popular CRM program, Salesforce. With this availability on the Salesforce App Exchange, Salesforce users will have expanded opportunity management tools and analysis at their fingertips.

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