Up In The Air

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I recently re-watched the George Clooney movie Up In The Air. It’s a great movie, and there is a lot to identify with if you have been a frequent traveller. Within the movie however, there is a battle to move everything online – in this case, it was firing people remotely. Within the sales training world, it is conducting sales training over the internet to deliver the same content, but at a fraction of the price.

The concept is great – you don’t have to take your sales people out of the field and you save a bundle on travel. In addition, the course is often significantly cheaper, especially if it is a pre-recorded course with some simulation and evaluations.

The obvious primary question is whether the sales person actually absorbs the content. Many courses handle this through evaluations and simulation – pass the test, you have learned the content.

What about workshop-style training? You know the ones where your sales team is broken out into groups and role-play scenarios including developing group strategies and presentations. This is also done online – via forums, e-mail threads, and occasionally Skype. Outside of the sales training world, it’s quite common to see this in Executive MBA courses.

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