Effective Team Selling – The Culture of Sharing Information

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When the sales department gets automated, spin-off benefits are high both for the individual and the team, or, at least, they should be. An important thing to get right is to ensure a culture of “sharing”. Sharing plays a big role in the effectiveness in CRM, and by default, SFA projects.

I can see eyebrows being raised? Why should there be a problem with sharing? Well, in business (and remember, sales is the business of doing business), sharing is often something that people find difficult to do—sometimes a major shift in culture has to occur to make it happen. Salespeople are by nature competitive—and have to be. Their financial and spiritual reward depends heavily in individual effort, know-how, and tenacity. Knowledge gained from that is prized, and leveraged for career gain and success.

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Sales Reporting – Keep It Lean

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Lots Of Reports

For many sales persons and managers, reporting is one of the least enjoyed tasks and carries a high potential for conflict and frustration. I never met anybody who loves reporting, but for most of us it is inevitable.

Sales people regard reporting as a waste of time because it is time which they could better devote to their customers. They often call it unnecessary bureaucracy. Managers are frustrated, because they don’t get reports on time, so that they have to send reminders. Or they have to interpret long written reports in which the essential information is hidden behind long stories with a lot of irrelevant facts and opinions.

Nobody is really happy with reporting, but everybody has to do it. Almost all companies have some kind of reporting system installed. Why don’t they just drop it and stop wasting time on it? Simply because some reporting is necessary.

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Sales Process: Eliminate Waste to Increase Productivity

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Wasted Money

Most companies spend a big chunk of their revenues on selling as sales is the major lever for increasing revenues. No doubt that every business should therefore strive for excellence and look for continuous improvement in the productivity of its sales organization.

Productivity is the ratio between input and output. In sales, the input is the time and money spent on the sales activities, while the output is the order intake. Whatever decreases the cost or increases the sales will improve the company’s profitability. Vice versa, inefficiencies in the processes will increase the cost and cause the company to leave business on the table. Identifying waste and eliminate it has been extremely successful in lean production processes – why not in sales?

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