Building a Windows 8 PC From Scratch

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I’ve been an Apple user for a few years now, and recently switched from iPhone to the Samsung S4 (First impressions here).  I’ve been running solely with a Macbook Pro as my primary computer, but I’ve been wondering what Windows 8 is really like.  That, combined with wanting to catch back up on PC hardware, resulted in my building a new PC from scratch, and I put a focus on value components to see what you could get for under 1k, here in Canada.

Building a Custom PC vs Buying a Finished PC

Building a computer from scratch is the best value overall – it will be the best performance for the best price, particularly in the under $1,000 market.  In the past, a complete system was often cheaper than the separate parts.  It isn’t true anymore, particularly if you consider performance. What I noticed was that complete systems often had last generation technology – an older Intel Core i3 for example.  Further, they cut corners on the power supply and motherboard.

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MS Surface Review

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Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a tech-aholic. Always have been, since the days of rubber band powered cotton-reel tanks and blow guns made from elder twigs. I have more sophisticated and expensive tastes now that cover the gamut from cars, to cameras, to computers, but basically, I’ll embrace any new tech stuff that you give me. That’s why I twisted the collective arms of the editorial staff of the HUB for the category “Technology and Sales.” I figured I could test out my theories (and lust) for gadgets that boost sales productivity. (Ed – the arm twisting was accompanied by hand-me-down gadgets so it was an easy decision.)

Well, it worked, and the picture shows my latest acquisition. Just look at it. How simple. How elegant. What is it, you may say? Well, this thing is as cool as some cucumbers (check P G Wodehouse for that reference), and it’s made by Microsoft.

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My All-Time Favourite Computer

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As I started in sales a decade before the invention of the personal computer, I can attest that the most important organizational tool for salespeople in those days was the paper notebook. List making, calendaring, opportunity tracking—all of it was scratched down on paper. When the PC arrived on the scene, salespeople were early adopters, although not all of them, as we are talking serious cash to purchase a machine that was capable and portable. Portability was high on the list of must haves for salespeople, so you could carry your office with you on the road.

I think most computer historians claim the Osborne to be the first truly portable device (1981), with a five-inch monitor and a weight of 24 pounds. Here is a picture of a successful salesperson off to work with their Osborne.

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