7 Reasons Why I Still Like My HTC One

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It has been a while since the last time I put out an article. This time around, I am not reviewing or comparing latest devices. Instead, I want to share why I like my HTC One. If people have read my previous posts, one of them was Smartphone Battle: Apple iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4 where I mentioned Samsung Galaxy S4 was the phone for me. However, reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I came to realize that the cumbersome interface of TouchWiz, and pages of options aren’t for me. They make the learning curve twice as steep. Therefore, I decided to go with HTC One, and I have not yet regretted my decision. I have been using it for over 5 months now, and the device itself has been released nearly a year ago, but it still stacks up against the newer devices very well. I must say it is still one of the best Android phones made to date.

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The Ultimate Tablet for Tech-Savvy Sales Professionals

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Sales Tech Talk is back again! We’ve reviewed the Microsoft Surface RT as a good value tablet and have reviewed it from a project manager’s perspective. The newest member of our marketing team, Joshua Doner  tells us why he thinks the MS Surface is better than other tablets for salespeople. Let’s hear what this tech-savvy sales professional has to say about the Surface RT and how this mobile device can help to revolutionize the way of selling and increase overall sales productivity.

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Samsung S4 Final Review for Business Users – Is the iPhone Better?

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Samsung S4 Final Review

I’ve now had the Samsung S4 for approaching three months, and have had enough time to really get a feel for it. I’m a former iPhone user, and was originally quite excited to trade into the world of Android. I committed myself – I made the Samsung S4 my primary business phone. From a business perspective, personally I’d rather be using the iPhone. Let’s look at why.

Important for Business: #1 = E-Mail, Calendar, and SMS

For many sales people out there, E-Mail is the most important app on their phone. It’s the #1 reason that BlackBerry fan at the airport religiously defends himself. “E-Mail just works!”

Well, in short, the S4 could be confusing for the average business user. Samsung ships with it’s own E-Mail and Calendar app, which is different than other Android devices, and different from the Google Play edition of the S4. Plus, if you use Google Apps, you can also get native Google Calendar and Gmail apps. Which is a separate set of Google Apps running on a Samsung device powered by Google. Yeah, confusing.

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MS Surface RT – A Project Manager’s Test

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Project Management with RT

As a project manager whose customers rely on MS Office, I am a heavy user of those programs. I lug my Windows 7 laptop between work and home quite often, and I am not a fan of dealing with that when I’m buying my morning coffee or anything that requires two hands. When I learned that I can have a lightweight Windows 8 device I was very receptive to trying it out. Unfortunately, it would be Surface RT and not Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro is $799 and allows you to install programs that run on Windows 8. The Surface RT goes for $349 and runs MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Even without running other programs, I thought the Surface RT might be enough for a test drive to check what it can deliver compared with a clunky  laptop or a simple iPad.

The first impression, of course, is what is on the outside. The device is a meticulous piece of hardware, with the exception of hard edges, which make the surface somewhat hard to hold. The iPad looks more modern, but on the Surface screen my fingerprints seem less visible. The power cord looks strange at first, but very soon it is not noticeable.

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Our Review of the MS Surface RT – A Good Value Tablet?

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I just got my hands on the Microsoft Surface RT. This device has been on the market for approximately ten months. Let’s find out if it’s is still worth buying.

The Hardware

First thing I notice when is that the device feels solid because of its magnesium chassis. However, because of its size and material, it weighs 680g, which is on the heavy side for modern tablets.

The screen is a 10.6-inch 1366×768 ClearType HD Display which translates into 155dpi. Even though Microsoft points out that their ClearType technology improves the visual sharpness of text, this is only true if you are comparing it to a display with similar resolution. If you are comparing to competitive displays with double or even triple the pixel density, it really falls short.

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Sales Tech Talk: MS Surface Gets the Treatment

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As you may know, here at SalesWays, we’re putting the focus on salespeople when it comes to looking at tech tools, and after our last Sales Tech Talk review on the Samsung Note 8.0 we’re excited to get our hands on the next tech gadget.

Next up for review is the Microsoft Surface RT. Though it’s not the first time we’ve written about this tablet, (our tech-aholic Keith Thompson reviewed it earlier this year), our team will take turns reviewing this mobile device and will report back to you on its effectiveness for sales professional, along with our overall impressions of the device.

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When Is a Phone Not a Phone?

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Galaxy NX

When it’s a camera? When it’s a computer?

Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, seems to be going through an identity crisis in search for the answer to this question. Recently they released two new products that are causing people to reflect on the question, “who did they have in mind when they designed this?”

The first product is a decent looking camera that from the front shows its family heritage, the NX system that competes in the mirrorless, interchangeable lens, camera market along side the likes of Panasonic, Olympus, and now Canon and Nikon. The other new product is an updated version of the Galaxy camera that I first wrote about here. So what’s going on?

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First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Home Screen & Keyboard

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Samsung S4 - First Impression

I spent the weekend toying with my new Samsung Galaxy S4, and I have it fairly configured and ready to go. My initial experiences match almost exactly what I expected – more powerful, much more configurable, but with a few core usability issues. It can be quite disruptive to have a phone that you have to learn all over again, especially when habits have formed. For power business users, it starts with configuring the device and adapting to the new keyboard.

Before I get into details, it’s important for non-Android users to know that each Android Device Manufacturer has their own custom user interface, or ‘skin’. For example, Samsung has TouchWiz, while HTC has Sense UI. Further, each device has its own apps for calendaring, photo editing, voice control, on-screen keyboard, etc. So my thoughts on some of the interface elements of the Samsung Galaxy S4 may not apply to other Android devices. Further, Google recently announced they are shipping the S4 and HTC phones with the original Android software (no custom interface elements). I know – it’s confusing.

Common to (almost?) all new Android devices, there are “home screens” – a configurable set of screens for apps and widgets. These home screens are a significant upgrade over the iPhone because of those widgets.

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I Admit I Was an Apple Fanboy, but it’s time to go on an Android Adventure

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Apple vs Samsung

Let’s Compare Android to Apple for Business & Sales People

I’ve been sitting in the batter’s box for a couple of weeks while my colleague played with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.   Now I’m at the plate, ready to review the Galaxy Note, along with turning off the iPad.  However, I’m not going to stop there – I’m also switching from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung S4.

This is a big change.  Well, I think it is.  You see, the iPhone and iPad are not the only Apple products in my life – I’m on the complete Apple stack.  There is my Macbook Pro.  iCloud.  Apple TV.  Airport Extreme.  I am (was?) an Apple Zealot, a card carrying Apple fanboy.

Innovation at Apple – Where is It?

For nearly four years, living totally on the Apple stack was great.  It was integrated.  But now I’m having some doubts.  The last major innovation from Apple was in 2010, with the iPhone 4.  The iPhone 4s was a faster version, and the iPhone 5 was a faster, bigger version.   So neither really count as innovation.  There have been incremental improvements elsewhere – the new Macbook Air for example.  But nothing truly groundbreaking – no iTV or iWatch.  Some may suggest Siri, but it was an acquisition and isn’t quite ready for primetime yet.

Android – “My Opinion has Changed”™

Personally I haven’t been a big fan of Android until recently.  I found the user interface clunky, and didn’t have that luxury feeling that iOS had.  This all changed with the latest devices over the past year.  In particular, I finally had a chance to pick up and play with the Samsung S4.  When I put it down and picked back up the iPhone 5, the iPhone suddenly felt small and old.   The Samsung was light.  The screen was beautiful.  And it was fast.

The Tipping Point for Change

So why now?  Well, as I mentioned, I have my responsibilities for Sales Tech Talk, and that is to review the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  And then I dropped my iPhone – and shattered the screen.  So here I am, completely unprepared to switch.  But it’s like a bandaid right?

Sales Tech Talk – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

For the inauguration of the Sales Tech Talk program, I was assigned to pick our very first device to review. If you have read my previous posts about Nexus 7 being the perfect form factor and how Samsung Galaxy S4 out performs other competitors, then what better to review than the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is finally here today, and I have the honor to unbox it. The first thing I noticed “Made in Korea by Samsung.” I haven’t seen an electronic that is not made in China for a long time, so it is nice to see that for a change.

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