3 Tips on How To Maximize Technology and Improve Sales Productivity

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It’s July already? Time sure flies when you’re being productive! And it’s hard to believe that even with 24 hours in a day and 8 hours in a workday, I still struggle to find enough time to do everything there is to do. There are only so many to-do lists I can make, and after (disappointingly) learning that multitasking is a myth, I’ve had to rely on tools and technology to help manage my time better.

In my last post, I shared with you my top 5 favourite apps that help keep me organized, focused, and most importantly, productive. Being organized at home is just as important as being organized at work and there are many innovative sales productivity tools (some that you may have not even considered) that can help you better organize and efficiently manage your sales force.

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Sales Tech Talk – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

For the inauguration of the Sales Tech Talk program, I was assigned to pick our very first device to review. If you have read my previous posts about Nexus 7 being the perfect form factor and how Samsung Galaxy S4 out performs other competitors, then what better to review than the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is finally here today, and I have the honor to unbox it. The first thing I noticed “Made in Korea by Samsung.” I haven’t seen an electronic that is not made in China for a long time, so it is nice to see that for a change.

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Mobile Apps for Business – Even When Free They Still Suck

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There is a post on Business Insider that takes a look at thirteen enterprise mobile apps that are free, but still terrible.  The list of apps include Outlook, Oracle, HP, SAP, and Dell – some of the top technology companies in the world.

According to Business Insider:

“Everyone’s jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon, and that includes enterprise tech vendors.  The problem is, some of the apps they’ve released, despite being free, have been so glitch-ridden and poorly designed that they’ve actually done more harm than help.

“It’s clear that some vendors are just putting apps out there to show how mobile-savvy they are. They’re probably thinking, Hey, people can’t complain because they’re free, right?”

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Technically Speaking – SalesWays Hub Introduces Sales Tech Talk

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Sales Tech Talk

As sales professionals, we get a lot of pressure to consistently meet our targets and produce sales. Yet, a sales person is only as effective as their best sales tool. With the increasing variety of gadgets on the market that claim to increase sales productivity, it’s hard to gauge the usefulness, or rather, the effectiveness of each of these technologies in terms of sales productivity.

Everyone talks a lot about sales training, sales coaching and sales methodology, but there is little discussion about the blending of sales and technology. In our case, without technology, SalesWays wouldn’t exist. We’ve looked everywhere, and we can’t find anyone that’s really putting the focus on salespeople when looking at tech tools.

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CRM: What’s Next? Part 2

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CRM 2.0

What are the consequences of technological change and new social habits?

In the last two decades, the subject of customer relationship turned from specialized initiatives in related areas such as marketing, sales and service into a consolidated concept and discipline. Through a single umbrella, which came to be called Customer Relationship Management, CRM, standards were set for the automation of processes that govern commercial activity in general, such as demand generation to sell, deliver, collect, and offer services. The goal was to manage these processes in an integrated manner in order to generate tangible results for organizations, while ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with the business practice ethical limits.

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Building a Profitable Opportunities Portfolio Using Priority

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Follow Your Priority

Dealing with probabilities is a way that gives greater consistency and credibility to the projection of future business. When addressed through the answers to three simple questions (Will we get the business? What is the assurance that there will be business? When will it happen?), we define what we call the “essential aspects of opportunity” and introduce a sense of urgency or, in the language of our sales model, priority.

We now have all the factors that determine this priority. It is obvious that the probability of a successful sale directly influences the allocation of resources to work the opportunity, but another factor to consider is time.

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Three SFA Design Principles to Optimize Adoption

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Ed. We’re introducing a new and very welcome contributor to The HUB today – Mr. Gerry Murray of the International Data Corporation. Gerry is an expert in high-tech marketing, including working with some of the world’s largest software and services companies. In addition to IDC, Gerry was Managing Editor at RevenueRecognition.com, a Softrax initiative, and built the marketing infrastructure at Panviva. His article on SFA implementation is simply good stuff for our readers.

According to IDC’s Best Practices in SFA Deployment study, understanding the life of your sales reps and first-line sales managers is key to the adoption of your CRM. Weaving it into their daily routine and motivating them to fill out tedious forms with crucial information is where the rubber really hits the road.  IDC’s recent research into automation systems for marketing and sales shows that you need to cross the 75% adoption line as quickly as possible then reach and maintain 90%+ in order to get the most out of your IT investments in these areas.

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CRM: What’s Next? Part 1

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Business Huddle


We keep hearing the popular expressions in business environments about SEO and Digital Marketing. We are told that they ensure the company’s success and are the sales drivers. After all of that, what do these buzz words really mean to us?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization means, in simple words, website optimization processes to make them more responsive to search engines, especially Google. This means that today websites need to be built according to these techniques to enable the marketing experts to post information or products or advertisements according to the content sought by Internet users. This is part of Digital Marketing, and another aspect is the social networking exploitation through preference segmentations in ultra-targeted ads.

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Cross Platform BlackBerry Messenger – Make or Break Strategy

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BlackBerry BBM

If you read my previous article, then you know I am not a big fan of BlackBerry. I didn’t pay much attention to their annual conference, BlackBerry Live on May 14 (which is just a day before the Google I/O 2013 that I was excited about). One thing about the conference caught my eye through various web sources, and that is BlackBerry Messenger goes cross-platform. BlackBerry Messenger app will be available on both Android and iOS this summer. Starting with just messaging and groups, but eventually gets full featured as a native BlackBerry app.

To me, this is a big and bold move from BlackBerry. Two major advantages of BlackBerry over other vendors are Qwerty keyboard and BlackBerry Messenger. I know many people who stick with BlackBerry devices for these two features alone. By making BlackBerry Messenger available to the major platforms, they potentially give existing customers one less reason to stay.

So why did they do it? My guess is it is all about brand awareness. The new generation is all about iPhone or the latest Android devices.

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My 5 Favourite iPhone Apps for Business

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iPhone Apps

Almost every sales person these days has some sort of smartphone.  I have an iPhone. Depending on where Apple goes, however, I may consider the new generation Android devices.  In a previous post, I talked about the lack of business apps for the iPhone. This is still very much true, but there are apps that as a sales person you must consider. These are my five favourite and most-used apps for the iPhone.

Google Maps

When the iPhone 5 was first released and I used Apple Maps for the first time, I lost some of the trust I had in the Apple brand. With the iPhone 5, we were stuck with Apple Maps or the HTML5 web version of Google Maps, and because of this I nearly switched to the Android. Compared to the old version of Google Maps on the iPhone 4, the Android versions were miles ahead.

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