Chris Hamoen

Chris Hamoen

Chris Hamoen is a 16 year Enterprise Software veteran in sales, software development, product management, marketing, and consulting. Chris is actively passionate about the intersection of technology and business.



Recent Posts by Chris Hamoen:

  • The Army of New Sales CRM Vendors, and Why They’ve Got It Wrong
    We have recently released a new version of ASPEC that has added Accounts, Contacts, and Interactions to our Sales Tracking and Opportunity Management functions. Some call this CRM, others call it Sales Force Automation. I tend to view ASPEC 4 as true Sales Automation. As usual, however, there is no standard definition out there on what Sales Force Automation actually is - some say it includes inventory management while others define it literally as the automation of sales tasks. I mention the distinction because there is a resurgence in what seems to be called “Sales CRM."

  • 6 Questions to Ask Anyone Who Says Their Sales Cycle Doesn’t End
    When we are talking about the sales process, we ask for the best guess of the sales person as to when the sales opportunity will close. Occasionally, we hear back “I don’t have an end date.” There are legitimate cases where this is true, but more often than not, it’s not only wrong, but is also dangerous. Forecasting will be difficult if not impossible, and the sales people won’t be following a process. Here are some questions to think about when evaluating if you actually have an end date to your sales opportunity

  • The Usability Guide for ASPEC for – Part 1: What It Is & How It Works
    This guide will introduce ASPEC for and show how sales organizations can improve their sales productivity with the app. ASPEC for, available on the AppExchange, offers a simple, yet powerful solution to managing more opportunities in the same time and winning more business.

  • Samsung S4 Final Review for Business Users – Is the iPhone Better?
    In his comprehensive usability review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, our reformed Apple Fanboy finds it simply less fully developed and mature than the iPhone without piling on extra apps. Perhaps the HTC One would have been a better choice?

  • Building a Windows 8 PC From Scratch
    A former geek and recovering Mac-aholic decides to build the cutting-edge computer that anyone can afford. A few mis-steps later, he comes up with a blindingly fast Windows 8 machine.

  • Sales Forecasting With ASPEC – Part 2: Putting it all Together
    Looking at ways to use the many features, tools, and unique capabilities of ASPEC, Part 2 of the Forecasting series explains the options you have in the powerful forecasting function of ASPEC.

  • Stage-based Sales Forecasting – Why Won’t this Concept die?
    What is it they say - the more things change the more they stay the same? Even the most cutting-edge sales processes can fall victim to old-fashioned thinking. Witness High-Velocity Selling and Stage-Based Forecasting.

  • Introducing Sales Forecasting with ASPEC – Part 1
    Forecasting in ASPEC is simple, automatic, versatile, and accurate. With the sales cycle model and IBO analysis, you automatically get accurate probabilities. And with three forecasting methods available, you can pick the one that best fits your business.

  • First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Home Screen & Keyboard
    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung's latest entrant in the smartphone sweepstakes, and our resident Apple fan discards his iPhone and joins the ranks of the Android-enabled. Here are his initial impressions on making the switch.

  • I Admit I Was an Apple Fanboy, but it’s time to go on an Android Adventure
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 moves to our next reviewer, Chris Hamoen. His iPhone, conveniently dropped, is also being swapped for a Galaxy S4. Read about his initial thoughts as he prepares to make the switch.

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