Claire Waggoner

Claire Waggoner

In her sales career, Claire Waggoner has sold everything from newspaper ad space to retail merchandise to high-tech radiation detectors for such companies as The Washington Post, Idearc, and General Atomics. Along the way, she has earned the highest sales success awards in each company. Claire is currently working with several non-profit organizations to turn-around failing operations and manage million-dollar fundraising projects in Maryland, Arizona, and Australia.


Recent Posts by Claire Waggoner:

  • Low Velocity Selling – Persistence
    In this time of high-velocity everything we sometimes forget the value of patience and persistence. For the salesperson, the long-term payoff can be huge, and the effort well-rewarded. Decide for yourself how far to push.

  • The Key to Sales Success: Pick Up the Phone!
    Cold-calling, and even warm-calling, can be a daunting prospect. Anxiety-fueled preparation and procrastination keeps us from doing the most important single thing we can do to succeed - talk to the customer.

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