Derrick Pick

Derrick Pick

Derrick Pick, President of Delaine Consulting Inc. has been helping clients increase their sales and profits for over 25 years. He works with a diverse client set, from Fortune 1000 multi-nationals to local SMB’s, to help them identify and engage with new prospects, shorten the sales cycle, and increase their sales closing ratios. He has presented all over North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and his sales training programs have been translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin. One of his programs earned an American Society for Training and Development award as the best training program of the year.

Recent Posts by Derrick Pick:

  • The Trial Close Surprise: I Want To Buy From You, But…
    Getting a surprise at the end of the sales cycle, when you are trying to close the deal, is rarely a good thing. Usually these occur when you haven't practiced your Probing skill enough, and new information pops up at the worst time.

  • Sales Coaching: Effective Feedback
    Sales training plus coaching of your sales team can bring about a 400% increase in new productivity. But coaching has pitfalls and you can avoid them with these eight simple guidelines.

  • Selling Isn’t Telling – Part 3: High Impact Qualifying Questions
    Top 10 lists are everywhere. We have Derrick Pick’s “Top 10 High-Impact Qualifying Questions.” Use these to help you gather more complete information in a shorter time.

  • Selling Isn’t Telling – Part 2
    Ed. – Today we offer a new article by one of The HUB’s distinguished guest contributors – Derrick Pick. Derrick is a noted and respected sales expert, and we are delighted to have him as part of The HUB’s team and look forward to many more articles in the future. In Part 1 of this ...

  • Selling Isn’t Telling
    The most successful salespeople know that great selling is not simply telling – great selling is all about asking the right questions. The most important phase of the sale, then, is the probing phase. Probing is not really a distinct phase per se, since you need to continue probing throughout your relationship with a customer. ...

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