Enio Klein

Enio Klein

Enio Klein is one of Brazil’s most recognizable customer relationship management experts and an Invited Professor at Business School Sao Paulo. Enio has worked with internationally known companies including K&G, Oracle and others, is an active leader in the Brazilian CRM community.




Recent Posts by Enio Klein:

  • How to be Highly Effective in Sales Management
    There are only six indicators that a sales manager needs to effectively know the health of his sales team and their portfolio of sales opportunities. These are quick and simple and avoid getting bogged down in paralysis by analysis.

  • The Real Reason Salespeople Fail To Sell
    Is your sales team under performing? Surprisingly, stress is what can inhibit salespeople from selling. Stress can actually have the opposite effect of success, and will lower your sales teams' drive to produce results, which will result in the failure to reach sales targets and goals.

  • Getting Somewhere – Interactive Sales Automation As Your GPS
    GPS apps and sales automation are both trying to do the same thing - get you from here to there successfully. The GPS on the ground, SFA in the sales cycle. Which does it better? A static map or process, or an interactive one with real-time knowledge.

  • Talent or Education? What Are The Characteristics of the Sales Dream Team?
    Two schools of thought on the ideal sales team - a bunch of uncontrollable superstars, or a team of professionals who adopt process, learn techniques and technology, and practice a common methodology. Wouldn't it be nice to have both?

  • Is Sales a Customer Service?
    The ready access to information and the increased sophistication of buyers has broken down the boundaries between sales and customer service. Sales and customer service now overlap much as marketing and sales do, and companies need to structure to recognize this paradigm shift.

  • Who Invited IT? Why Sales Automation Shouldn’t Be a Technology Decision.
    Modern sales automation apps have progressed to the point where installation and implementation are seamless and isolated from legacy system integration. They are pure sales tools. So why is IT doing the evaluation and making the decision?

  • A Sustained Growth Model Through Re-defining CRM
    In the future, the meaning of Customer Relationship Management will move beyond integrated apps serving discrete departments and sharing information to integrated strategies, tactics and execution plans that are inculcated into organization's value chain.

  • Book Review – The Birth of a Salesman by Walter Friedman
    Friedman's book The Birth of a Salesman brings the history and evolution of professional sales into focus and shows how it has become an overwhelmingly important part of the American economy and society.

  • CRM: What’s Next? Part 2
    The initial goal of CRM, to unite the best practices of company processes in one over-arching program, succumbed to dilution of focus trying to please all functional groups. CRM 2.0 offers the possibility of a return to specialized best practice with new technology and connectivity.

  • Building a Profitable Opportunities Portfolio Using Priority
    Sales automation solutions help in prioritizing the salesperson's workload, more specifically in the allocation of its time. For this to occur there must be a reasonable and constant prioritization of the Opportunity Portfolio.

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