John Barrows

John Barrows

John Barrows currently provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s leading tech companies like, Linkedin, Box and many others.  He has excelled in every position in Sales from Inside all the way through to Executive Management while starting and leading one of his first companies through to acquisition by Staples.  He has sold solutions to both SMB and ENT clients.  His overarching goal is to help improve the overall education and quality of Sales by sharing ideas and techniques that work.


Recent Posts by John Barrows:

  • The 3 Main Reasons Most Sales Training Fails
    There are many sales training courses and trainers to choose from. When you do go to select one and invest your time and money in their program, here are three fundamentals to look at to be sure you're getting value.

  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
    While multitasking may work for a computer with two processors, it doesn't work for humans with one brain. Studies show that all you're really doing is one task at a time with lots of switching back and forth, reducing effectiveness. Set your priorities, keep focused on them.

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