John Darrin

John Darrin

I am an author and writer, and a consultant specializing in radiological emergency preparedness.

My work has taken me all over the world, from China to Finland, from Central America to Canada, working on such unique projects as the first-ever decommissioning of a radiological research laboratory, the decommissioning of several nuclear reactors, the recovery after the Three Mile Island accident, and even on the treatment of nuclear weapons waste in China.

The things in my life that I am most proud of – a loving marriage, my family, my business career and reputation, my unusual friends – are not very interesting, except in a very small circle.

The interesting things, the uncommon things, the things that drive my imagination, are a lot more exciting, if sometimes less commendable. Youthful drug experimentation, the anti-war movement, bankruptcy, motorcycle racing, taking the 5th, dying in the emergency room, Mad Cow Disease, etc. As I used to tell my wife, at least it hasn’t been boring.

And now I travel, touring the country in an RV, dragging my motorcycle behind me. Going places, meeting people, doing things.

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