Joshua Doner

Joshua Doner specializes in product marketing of technologies for B2B sales and consumer electronics. Joshua has an acute eye for identifying and positioning value propositions to support global product launches. Joshua holds an Honors degree in Business Commerce with a specialization in Marketing.





Recent Posts by Joshua Doner:

  • Google’s Pokémon Challenge and What That Means For Businesses and Sales Teams Alike
    Do you love Pokémon and want to work at Google? Well, if you follow their offer, you could become Google's Pokémon Master and earn yourself a spot in the final round of hiring at Google, starting September 1st 2014. Simply open your Google Maps app on your Android or iOS Smart Phone to begin exploring the world

  • The Ultimate Tablet for Tech-Savvy Sales Professionals
    The newest member of our marketing team, Joshua Doner, tells us why he thinks the MS Surface is better than other tablets for salespeople. Let’s hear what this tech-savvy sales professional has to say about the Surface RT and how this mobile device can help to revolutionize the way of selling and increase overall sales productivity.

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