Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson is the founder of Salesways Corporation. He has a doctorate in Physics from the University of Reading in England and completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Toronto in Canada, before moving into the field of high technology sales. He worked in field sales positions for over ten years before setting up his own sales and distribution company, which grew to become one of the largest in Canada, before being purchased by a global bioscience company in 2001.


Recent Posts by Keith Thompson:

  • Successful CRM Implementation #3: Make It Work
    The second installment in this 4-part series looks at the implementation part of the plan. How do you make it work in your unique organization?

  • Successful CRM Implementation #2: Develop the Plan
    The second installment in this 4-part series looks at the all-important implementation plan. The plan must define your goals and expectations, and the steps you’ll take to achieve those.

  • Successful CRM Implementation #1: Getting it right first time
    Over the years my team has been involved in a large number of CRM implementations to all types and sizes of company. I think we’ve done a good job overall. One reason for this is our CRM technology was developed for running our own sales distribution company – we learned on the job. But still, today, over twenty years since the idea of CRM was first developed lots of CRM projects are failing or not getting the traction they deserve.

  • “When will it happen?” – Critical question deserving careful thought!
    Salespeople have to be able to predict when sales will happen, it’s an essential part of the job, and it’s referred to as forecasting.

  • Baseball, Big Data, and Selling.
    A while ago I wrote a post on Sabermetrics which us using baseball statistics to make strategic decisions in improving a team’s performance especially when it came to individual performers. This was the subject of the story in the movie “Moneyball” staring Brad Pit. My post was how to use some of these ideas in building sales ...

  • Managing the Bigger Sales Picture
    Selling is one of those professions in which the gauge of success is assumed obvious. Selling more product is a sure way for a salesperson to get recognition and financial reward. It’s no surprise then that an industry has arisen around teaching salespeople to sell more effectively. If salespeople or sales managers are looking for ...

  • More About The Sales Cycle
    The sales cycle needs to get recorded for many reasons. Recognizing the beginning and the end of the cycle makes selling with automation much more effective

  • What is Sales – A View From An Expert?
    I’m reading a good book called Zero to One, written by Peter Thiel, one the guys who founded PayPal. My life was changed by that app – my wife would agree. Peter includes a chapter on sales which looks like it’s written for people in business who don’t understand sales – to the extent that ...

  • What is the start of the sale cycle?
    When the sales cycle starts is a very important metric - many sales teams have problems getting it consistent

  • Any Salespeople For Tennis?
    The huge benefits of the first serve in tennis are paralleled in sales. The first salesperson into the customer's buying cycle puts the competition on the defensive.

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