Marianna Loza

Marianna Loza

As Marketing Strategy Specialist at Salesways, Marianna is fascinated by marketing metrics and is social media driven. Marianna combines an Honors degree in Social Psychology and Consumer Behaviour with a Post-Graduate diploma in Advertising and Marketing Management. Marianna’s experience with various high-tech startups, propels her to excel in strategic marketing development and implementation.


Recent Posts by Marianna Loza:

  • 3 Simple Ways To Make Your Sales Calls More Productive
    When your sales activity is low and you’re not hitting your targets for the month, your sales manager will often assume that you’re not making enough calls in a day. Since, to most salespeople, sales is a numbers game – the more calls you make and the more potential customers you talk to, the higher your chances are of closing a deal. But is sales really a numbers game?

  • 4 Ways To Become a Highly Productive Person
    Being more productive doesn't mean working harder, it means getting more out of your day. Four ideas that might help you do that are planning your week before it starts, getting going early, make daily to-do lists, and take breaks during the day.

  • Sales Tech Talk: MS Surface Gets the Treatment
    We're putting the Microsoft Surface through our "tech tools for sales professionals" process and letting everyone have a shot at using and reviewing it.

  • 3 Tips on How To Maximize Technology and Improve Sales Productivity
    Sales productivity is essential to growing your business. Modern tools and technology can support that productivity if they are properly and consistently applied. Here are three tips for doing that.

  • Technically Speaking – SalesWays Hub Introduces Sales Tech Talk
    Gadget testing is all over the web, but none of it is focused on the unique and specific needs of the sales professional. Sales Tech Talk at The HUB intends to correct with hands-on testing of new gadgets by our sales experts.

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