Rainer Gerlach

Rainer Gerlach

Rainer Gerlach has an entrepreneurial business background and is an expert marketing strategist. Rainer has worked with international companies and built international sales networks through innovative products and successful international sales and marketing. Rainer is the founder and owner of SalesGain in Munich, where he currently sells Salesways products in Europe offering implementation and training.


Recent Posts by Rainer Gerlach:

  • The Challenge of Selling to a Buying Center
    To effectively manage a sales cycle, the salesperson must understand and mirror the buying process. This process can be broken down into the three phases: recognition of need, evaluation of solutions, and negotiation. A well-managed sales cycle will follow these phases by uncovering customer’s needs (Probing), demonstrating superior solution (Proving), and removing barriers to getting the order (Closing).

  • Full-Service CRM: Completing the CRM Cycle
    While many companies still struggle with implementing even the most basic CRM solutions, others have moved a big step forward by including their service organization and letting it share customer information with marketing and sales. Service contributes to a company’s success in many ways, and understanding this contribution makes the performance impact of an integrated CRM solution obvious and significant.

  • Your CRM Solution – Great Dashboard and Poor Results
    Often a CRM system that was selected predominantly based on management needs or analytics or marketing requirements is then imposed on the sales team that had not been sufficiently involved in the actual selection process. Sales people hate this, and the result is a CRM installation which would allow powerful data analytics with an impressive display, but does nothing to provide the results you want to analyze and display – business success.

  • Why CRM Fails: Inflation!
    The introduction of a customer relationship management system has the potential to highly improve the productivity of the sales and marketing teams through better access to information and streamlined processes.

  • Sell On Value, But Which Value?
    Selling on value is a basic axiom of sales. But which value? You clearly have more than one, and matching the right one to the customer's needs is the challenge. Market segmentation gets you on the right track.

  • How Margins Go Over the Price Waterfall
    Pricing is not just a matter of setting the list price. Price pressures are relentless and obscure with a little given here and a little given there until there is no profit left. Combating the price waterfall requires transparency, awareness, and skill.

  • Sales Are UP! Why Don’t I Feel Better?
    Increased sales does not necessarily mean better sales team performance, and you need to look behind the simple numbers to understand why things are changing, up or down.

  • The Impact of the Sales Team On Pricing
    There can be no profit without sales, but there can be sales without profit. Pricing is a real challenge for every company and a particularly complex one in B2B industries. However, managed professionally in all its different facets, it is a powerful profit driver.

  • Opportunity Management – Making A Change
    Consistent, methodical opportunity management is good for the sales team and the organization. The change in process and culture accompanying implementing this is a challenge, but one worth accepting.

  • Inside Sales – A Productivity Engine
    It’s all about the cooperation of inside and outside sales. Inside sales has to understand what´s going on in the field in order to provide optimum support to the outside sales force. Both have to share information about the sales cycle.

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