William Ng

William Ng

William Ng integrates his Computer Software Enginneering degree with a passion for art and graphic design.With his artistic talent and his IT background,William has worked his way to become a web designer, an user interface designer, and now a creative advisor. Complimented with his advanced Photoshop skill and artistic sense, you can trust William to capture the best in graphic design.



Recent Posts by William Ng:

  • 7 Reasons Why I Still Like My HTC One
    Ah! The battle of the smartphones continues. Here are some thoughts on how the HTC One compares to other smartphones out there. Have a read and let us know which smartphone you prefer. Remember there is no one best smartphone out there, only the right smartphone for you.

  • Our Review of the MS Surface RT – A Good Value Tablet?
    The Surface RT is Microsoft's first foray into tablets. While it boasts many interesting features, the available software is still not up to the challenge of the professional sales person.

  • Sales Tech Talk – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Review
    We take an in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from a sales professional's perspective. This episode gives a rundown of the specifications and some hardware and app features.

  • Sales Tech Talk – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing
    The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrived and we're documenting its value for the sales professional from the unboxing to full-scale, in-the-field use. First, the unboxing.

  • Cross Platform BlackBerry Messenger – Make or Break Strategy
    As Blackberry tries to claw its way back to smartphone leadership, it’s trying a new and maybe flawed strategy: Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS. Can it compete with its competitors, and will it make or break the Blackberry story?

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