Does Size Matter?

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Big and Small

It’s interesting how business is segregated into distinct categories and analysts go to work spelling out what is proper in each category. In CRM, there always seems to be a different reflection on what is going on in the SME (small to mid-sized enterprise) versus the “Fortune” companies if that is what they are still called.

The last time I looked, SME covers a large range in size and scope; 15 to 1000 employees and revenues of $5M to $1B. This leads me to my point, which is easiest to phrase in the form of a question. Are the CRM or SFA requirements for multi billion-dollar companies any different from the smaller enterprises out there that make up the bulk of the economic drive and job creation throughout the world? The answer is a bold, emphatic no. There is absolutely no difference between the CRM and SFA requirements of a global enterprise and a 12-man operation doing $2M in business a year, except scale.

Core business issues are the same for companies of all shapes, sizes and markets. They need complete, accurate, and clean acquisition and storage of critical customer information. To stay competitive, they require a seamless and smooth method of gathering information at every level of the organization. All of this has to be laid out on a collaborative CRM-based network structure that allows crucial information to be accessed by any member of the team.

And let’s on forget the most important need—an effective sales force. Sales is the “business of doing business.” Salespeople at all levels need the best technology tools and methods out there. Companies great or small that get this right will be trailblazers. Sales Force Automation is back and focused where it should be—improving the salesperson’s competitive advantage in knowing the selling process, and execution.

Armed with these capabilities, companies can better build, nurture, and serve a strong customer base. If you are among the majority of small-to-mid market enterprises out there, don’t assume that only multi-billion-dollar companies can take advantage of the potential of sound CRM and SFA solutions. The reality is, the sooner SME companies recognize how CRM and SFA fit into their own grand scheme of things, the quicker they get to realize their own potential.

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