Does the Solo Sales Rep Need Sales Automation?

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Solo Sales Rep

Whenever we discuss sales force automation (SFA), we tend to include it in the context of CRM and customer relationships across many disciplines. This approach ends up focusing the discussion on the sales force only as part of a larger enterprise, and usually in a direct sales model. We forget the sales models that utilize individual sales representatives, often small business owners or independent salespeople.

These small businesses may be professionals working for themselves, or those who, while working for a larger company, are not part of a team. This salesperson literally gets by all alone since he is not supported by a larger structure that can guide him on which technology to use, or that provides operational support and turnkey solutions. In many cases, this individual may not even be a sales person, but a small businessman who cannot afford a sales resource and has to carry on himself.

Sales automation works as well for one person as it does for hundreds. Despite being less involved with collaborative aspects of a technological tool, representatives still need features that meet their individual needs. Accounts, contacts, and opportunities must be recorded and managed. Customer interactions must be documented. And, of course, the most appropriate sales strategy must be developed and its tactics implemented in each case.

Today’s technology offers options that bring resources to individual professionals or small teams that were previously only available to their colleagues in large teams or companies, and at very reasonable prices. From personal computers spreadsheets to sophisticated tablets or smartphone software that can be synchronized with databases in the cloud, a salesperson now has at his disposal tools that allow him to enjoy all the direct benefits of consistently applied sales automation.

The lesson here is that sales effectiveness does not depend on networks, collaborative software, internal communications or whatever.  At the end of the day, effective sales depend on salespeople using smart sales methods that use technology to be more efficient in the administration of sales, and more effective in the process of sales.

Good sales automation solutions work well on any platform. Choose what is best for you according to your individual needs. The Cloud brings new capabilities right to you wherever you are, and mobile devices are practical, flexible and economical. Sales automation applications for these devices are a tremendous help on opportunities portfolio management.

Today, sales automation done right is not an exclusive privilege of large corporations. Independent professionals, small teams, and solo representatives should enjoy the benefits that technology and methodology bring to sales.

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