Dreamforce ‘14 – ASPEC at the World’s Largest Cloud Computing Conference

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It’s that time of the year when the tech world makes the pilgrimage to San Francisco to talk enterprise cloud computing at Dreamforce. Salesforce has invited our CTO, Sam Henechowicz, to host a Developer Zone session at the conference, and concurrently, we will be launching ASPEC for Salesforce 2.0, the app that takes opportunity management to an even higher level of effectiveness.

ASPEC for Salesforce brings award-winning sales productivity technology to the Salesforce platform, and Version 2.0 features some great enhancements. Version 2.0 supports all Sales Cloud editions, is optimized for Salesforce1 including a new mobile optimized priority view, as well as additional UI enhancements made possible by Summer ’14.

With ASPEC, Salesforce users can consistently and effectively manage every sales cycle with automated analysis and assessment that calculates the accurate probability of winning and sets a priority based on the up-to-the-minute characteristics of each sales opportunity.

Users see what’s important first, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Last year, Sam had the honor of presenting two sessions, one on connected apps and the other on development using the new Force.com Canvas tools. This year, the tradition continues with a presentation on mobile development using Canvas for Salesforce1.

Connected Apps: Canvas on the Salesforce1 Platform

Canvas is the recommended solution for a highly visual Connected App. Join us to learn how to use responsive design and the new features available in Summer ’14 to seamlessly integrate your third-party application on the Salesforce1 Platform. We’ll discuss best practices for embedding your Canvas app into standard layouts, record details, and mobile cards, as well as how to handle mobile navigation in a simple and intuitive way.

Sam’s presentation will be on Thursday, October 16th, at 11:30AM PST in the Developer Zone, Mobile Theatre. Stop in and hear the latest, and connect with him on LinkedIn, or let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting by emailing letusknow@salesways.com.

Join in on the discussion on our SalesWays Professional Network.

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