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SADR Part 1

Sales Automation Done Right now available as a series of five free e-books

I published Sales Automation Done Right (SADR) in 2005. I tried to cram as much in as I could about my experiences with computerizing business processes in marketing, sales and service—the heart of what we refer to as Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. Then how come I didn’t call the book “Customer Relationship Management Done Right?” Well, I paid attention to what I find the most neglected part of the CRM story, which is sales automation. Part of sales automation resides in the realm of CRM, but part (and the most important part) does not.

I really wrote the book to evangelize the positive benefits of technology in the front office. I had experienced success first hand, and I figured I had a lot to pass on. So I packed in a lot of material and on a host of what might seem to be disparate topics. To me, one of the biggest payoffs for computers in business resided with the sales department. I’ve given that a lot of attention and it’s a pet passion—hence the book.

To make an easier read, the e-book version is in five parts, following exactly the structure of SADR. But readers can pick and choose which pieces interest them. If managing accounts, contacts, and territory is not your bag, then maybe intelligent response technology is. We are making this content available free, with Part One available with this post and Ed’s choice as to when he will roll out the others.

There won’t be a reprint of SADR (there are still a few copies from the first run available). The next book focuses on expanding the sales methods first introduced in SADR, which are now entrenched in our OPM (Opportunity Portfolio Management) course and ASPEC computation selling products.

I wrote these words for the 2005 book (which means I wrote them in 2003!)

“Technology is dramatically transforming the way people do things. Acutely aware of this, business is scrambling to reinvent itself . . . . . There’s no excuse to remain in the dark ages. The best technology is affordable to any business, and the last ones to find this out will be left in the dust.”

I’m a great fan of the analyst Dennis Pombriant. Dennis wrote this in a recent (Feb, 2013) blog about CRM and SFA:

“My point here . . .  is that technology is racing ahead and changing how we work and that people who don’t adapt and adopt will be left in the dust.”

Hang on, there is a ten year gap in there!

It’s true. Adoption of SFA is occurring an alarmingly slow rate.

There’s no doubt that managers and executives who have the ability to make the changes are thinking about it, but with this kind of business change, it’s easy to deliberate on the issue for far too long. It’s a pity, because the payback can be very high and the returns come quickly.

I hope that some of the ideas presented in this free material will provide the catalyst to hasten more budding projects into reality.

SADR E-Books: Part One – Technology and Sales

Part 1 talks generally about SFA, what it is and how it relates to CRM. It discusses the impact of CRM and SFA on the company and the people within it, and how it affects and changes company culture. There is also an illustration of the natural steps that organizations follow in adopting technology to solve operational and process pains, and how to fast-track the final solution.

Download SADR E-Books:

Part 1: Technology and Sales
Part 2: The Core Competencies
Part 3: Understanding the Sales Opportunity
Part 4: The Technology of Sales Automation
Part 5: Conclusions

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