Google Nexus 7

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Nexus 7
This is about why I bought a Google Nexus 7. Before I talk about why, let me talk about my background. I have a computer science degree, and I’ve worked in the software industry for nearly 15 years. I consider myself a smart consumer because I don’t buy things that are not worth buying. I always do my homework and make sure I get the bang for the buck.

Before the Nexus 7, I used a HP Touchpad. Yes, you got that right. I bought it when it was on a fire sale. Was it worth buying at the time? Hell yeah, but that’s a different story for another time. I was running Android 4.0 on the Touchpad, and it ran quite well. So what made me switch to the Google Nexus 7 besides all the hype about this device? For me, it is definitely the form factor, a beautiful 7″ screen, 340 grams, quad-core Tegra 3 processor, not to mention for the price tag of $249 (16GB version). I can feel the power in my hand. That’s right, I said “hand”, not “hands”.

So why 7″ tablet is a great deal for me? Well, besides programming, I also do photography in my spare time. I almost always travel with a messenger bag to carry my camera. For the past year or so, I also carry my Touchpad with me. A 9.7″ screen, 740 grams tablet, I can feel it on my shoulder.

I know there are other 7″ options out there, but at the time I am writing this, nothing comes close to the bang for the buck than the Nexus 7. In term of performance and screen resolution, it is top notch among all Android devices. In term of price, it is unbeatable, unless you want to buy one of those unknown China brand. Not to mention with the Google brand, I know I always get the latest update first.

One more thing – it is possible to root an Android device to gain USB-Host access, meaning I can hook up any USB devices, and have access from my tablet. For example, I can connect to a memory card reader, and have access to my photos on my memory card. That way, I can have a better look at my photos before I get home. If I want, I can even edit the photos at a coffee shop with Adobe Photoshop Touch, and share with my friends or post on my blog right away. That’s why Google Nexus 7 is the one tablet for me at this time.

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