Google’s Pokémon Challenge and What That Means For Businesses and Sales Teams Alike

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Do you love Pokémon and want to work at Google? Well, if you follow their challange, you could become Google’s Pokémon Master and earn yourself a spot in the final round of hiring at Google, starting September 1st 2014. Simply open your Google Maps app on your Android or iOS Smart Phone to begin exploring the world and catching Pokémon. Sounds awesome right? Well, while I sit here and wish it were true, I too was fooled by Google’s latest April fools prank.

It wasn’t until I frantically searched through the comments on the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge YouTube video, that reality sunk in. Yes, I had been an avid Pokémon fan growing up, but more impressive to me is the technology behind this concept. Google Maps for mobile is the world’s most popular app for smartphones and part of that success is due to how much information and big data Google has managed to package together.

Find a business, plan a trip on public transit, find the best bike route, and even hike the grand canon, all the data and images needed to make that possible, have come together to form a great user experience. The addition of augmented reality, that visually overlays information and virtual effects to bring the data to life, shows the future of how we will consume information.

Augmented reality is quickly finding its way into the devices we use every day. This emerging technology overlays information onto the visible world around us, through a hardware platform like a smartphone or Google Glass. Information such as directions, object identifiers, news and weather are all intelligently overlaid onto the visible world.

Google Glass has ultimately brought the concept of augmented reality to the minds of consumers, including sales professionals looking for every edge in an increasingly competitive world. This expensive, stylish and futuristic eye wear is exclusive and not available to the mass consumer market. Right now, Google has released their Glass product to a select group of consumers apart of the Google Glass Explorer Program.

SAP has caught onto the augmented reality trend and has begun to develop solutions for businesses. Through a partnership with Vuzix, SAP has developed proof-of-concept videos that show how one day warehousing employees and field technicians could use augmented reality to improve performance.

Augmented reality can offer valuable benefits to us by delivering rich information right into our field of view. Prospecting potential customers, viewing information on a client, and the sales opportunities you have with them would help a sales professional be more informed as they sell. Imagine sitting in a meeting and in your field of view you see each participant in the meeting, who are identified by their LinkedIn professional profile as well as previous interactions with them are shown. As the meeting continues, a break down summary of the sales opportunity you are currently working on is shown, with strategies to further develop the sales opportunity.

The future of wearable technology is here, and augmented reality will play a pivotal role in our future. For consumers and business and sales professionals, augmented reality enhances our ability to get rich information instantly about the world around us.

Image: “Google Glass V2 OOB Experience 36773” By Ted Eytan is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

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