I Admit I Was an Apple Fanboy, but it’s time to go on an Android Adventure

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Apple vs Samsung

Let’s Compare Android to Apple for Business & Sales People

I’ve been sitting in the batter’s box for a couple of weeks while my colleague played with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.   Now I’m at the plate, ready to review the Galaxy Note, along with turning off the iPad.  However, I’m not going to stop there – I’m also switching from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung S4.

This is a big change.  Well, I think it is.  You see, the iPhone and iPad are not the only Apple products in my life – I’m on the complete Apple stack.  There is my Macbook Pro.  iCloud.  Apple TV.  Airport Extreme.  I am (was?) an Apple Zealot, a card carrying Apple fanboy.

Innovation at Apple – Where is It?

For nearly four years, living totally on the Apple stack was great.  It was integrated.  But now I’m having some doubts.  The last major innovation from Apple was in 2010, with the iPhone 4.  The iPhone 4s was a faster version, and the iPhone 5 was a faster, bigger version.   So neither really count as innovation.  There have been incremental improvements elsewhere – the new Macbook Air for example.  But nothing truly groundbreaking – no iTV or iWatch.  Some may suggest Siri, but it was an acquisition and isn’t quite ready for primetime yet.

Android – “My Opinion has Changed”™

Personally I haven’t been a big fan of Android until recently.  I found the user interface clunky, and didn’t have that luxury feeling that iOS had.  This all changed with the latest devices over the past year.  In particular, I finally had a chance to pick up and play with the Samsung S4.  When I put it down and picked back up the iPhone 5, the iPhone suddenly felt small and old.   The Samsung was light.  The screen was beautiful.  And it was fast.

The Tipping Point for Change

So why now?  Well, as I mentioned, I have my responsibilities for Sales Tech Talk, and that is to review the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  And then I dropped my iPhone – and shattered the screen.  So here I am, completely unprepared to switch.  But it’s like a bandaid right?

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