Introduction to the ASPEC Category – Don’t Miss It

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The SalesWays HUB was created by the people behind the unique ASPEC Sales Methodology and the Opportunity Portfolio Management system that puts that into practice. We intend for The HUB to be as non-commercial as possible, but there are limits to that. After all, SalesWays is in the name. We invented ASPEC, and that way of thinking is ingrained in us, and it will naturally bleed over into all of our writing and conversations.

So we’re going to do the next best thing – lump everything specifically related to ASPEC and SalesWays into one category. It will be a great category, to be sure, with lots of very cutting-edge thinking and discussions about products — past, present, and future. And also stories about how we got to where we are. It wasn’t a smooth trip — journeys to new territory seldom are — but it was never boring.

There will be articles explaining just what ASPEC is. There will be videos on using ASPEC and different situations where it can be applied in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. There will be explanations from our developers about just how difficult it was to cram the power and potential of ASPEC onto a 4” screen. There will be stories about the evolution of SalesWays. There will be profiles of some of our characters, and we have a few.

And so on.

Don’t skip this category — it’s not an advertisement, no one will try to sell you anything. But we will try to show you our thinking in different formats and from different perspectives. We think we have something interesting to say, but it’s up to you to decide.

Give it a try.

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