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What is sales education?

That’s something that we’re going to discuss, along with many other related questions, in this category of sales topics. We’ll answer these questions, ask others, try to generate some debate and raise more questions and awareness, and maybe move the subject forward a little.

Moving forward is the primary goal of this category. Why? Because we’re already so far behind.

Let’s go back to the original question – what is sales education? It’s not sales training, although that is an important subject and we will cover it in this category. Comparing sales training to sales education is like comparing army boot camp to a college degree.

Training is a process, the repetition of a set of steps to consistently achieve one goal. In the case of sales training, that goal is winning the sale. Education is the search for and the acquisition and use of knowledge. And knowledge is something that you use to expand your understanding of your world, a road map to discovering new knowledge, and if you’re good, you might gain the ability to create new knowledge.

Sales training will be a significant subject for articles in this category. It is, after all, an essential subset of education, just as the repetition of a chemistry experiment or the proof of the derivation of a mathematical formula are subsets of a science education. And it is an industry unto itself, with a myriad of techniques and methods and proponents and experts and hustlers and everything else that goes with a business.

And sales training is very important to those of us who contribute to this resource. After all, we have a training method of our own – Opportunity Portfolio Management. We will discuss that from time to time and hope to get your attention and opinion.

But education is something more, something that we think has been seriously overlooked by both the educational community and, even worse, by sales professionals themselves. We will try to address that, to get information and articles and opinion from both camps, and to examine why you are hard pressed to find any college-level degree in sales.

Articles covering this subject will be published regularly, so please visit often for fresh material and new debate. And participate in the debate by clicking on the Comment button and offering your thoughts and opinions in our forums. It’s not a conversation if only one person is talking.

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