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As I write this, there is a lengthy discussion happening on one of the most popular on-line sales forums on “what’s the difference between the a sales process and a sales method?”

If you were to asked to name a popular sales method, you would probably get the answer of Miller-Heiman or SPIN. But ask someone to name a popular sales process, and you will get a blank stare.

A methodology is a recommended way of achieving something, or, as Wikipedia says, “a guideline system for solving a problem, with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools.” It doesn’t necessarily spell out sequential steps getting there. Process is more about the sequential steps to get from A to B, and a sales method may or may not have a process associated with it.

This section of The HUB is a discussion of alternative sales methodologies, ways to sell. At The HUB, we’re a little biased because we invented and patented the ASPEC Sales Methodology which is a method with a process built into it. But the discussion here is open – all methodologies, all opinions, all the time. If you have a thing for Strategic Selling, join in with a comment or write your own article and submit it. If you think there is something wrong with ASPEC, let us know and we’ll explain our reasoning.

We’ll be talking about methodologies and about their component parts – sales cycles and forecasting and analytics and whatever. We’ll talk about the design and evolution of sales methodologies and how we ended up where we are. And we’ll explain the development of ASPEC and how it was built around the use of computational devices to harness their capabilities and even to teach them to sell in support of the user. And we’ll welcome comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

Sales methodology – it’s more fun than you think. It pretty much has to be.

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