Introduction to the ‘Sales Productivity with ASPEC’ Series

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ASPEC, the sales productivity system

Here at SalesWays we have been working hard on ASPEC, our Mobile and Cloud-based sales tracking and opportunity management application.  But ASPEC isn’t just software – it’s sales methodology and technology combined.  We’ve invented something special with ASPEC – a universal model for the sales cycle.  In fact, we’d argue that no one else has ever done this, as evidenced by our three patents.  For the first time ever, the computer can understand the sales process.

There hasn’t been a lot on ASPEC on The SalesWays Hub since its launch – but that’s about to change.  We’re introducing an extended series on how to increase sales productivity and sales effectiveness using ASPEC.  The series is going to focus on how to apply ASPEC to everyday life as a sales person, sales team, and/or sales organization.

The unique advantage of ASPEC is that it can help with the individual sales opportunity, as well as the entire portfolio of all opportunities.  The sales model itself is simple and elegant – there is no need for dozens (hundreds?) of fields – when did the sales cycle start, and when do you think it will end.  That’s it – the computer now understands your specific opportunity.  Add in a new, simple method of assigning probability, and not only do your forecasts improve, but the opportunities are now prioritized to a trusted list.

The series will include how to plan your day or week with ASPEC, how to run a sales forecast meeting, how to increase your chances of winning a specific opportunity, meaningful (actionable?) analytics, and even how to think outside the box in determining when the opportunity will close.

This series goes well beyond just “help” – and that’s because ASPEC is not just software.  ASPEC speaks a whole new language – in fact, it’s actually part of our sales training course called “OPM” (Opportunity Portfolio Management).

The first post will be next week – stay tuned!

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