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I’ve worked with salespeople for a long time in a lot of roles, from being one of them to managing them, to having them as one department among many in my company. There’s no doubt in my mind that salespeople love technology.

My experience in sales goes back further than I care to remember, but the salesperson’s affinity for tech has always been there, even in the days before computers became a commodity. It has to do with the personality. Salespeople are achievers, they are fixated on setting targets and measuring themselves against goals. They are curious, always needing to understand the latest concepts. They are creative, always striving to find the best way to get stuff done.

A salesperson has to be on top of things to be successful. They need good communication, as much information as possible, and anything that let’s them get more hours out of the day will be welcomed.

Salespeople were the first to latch onto the benefits of computing technology because they discovered it first and needed it most. The extraordinary growth in the availability and power of technology has caused a sea change in the way salespeople operate, and it’s going to continue.

We want The HUB to keep pace, and we have a category devoted to Technology and Sales. Behind The HUB is the group that created ASPEC—the fusion of sales and technology. We are as keen to stay on top of what the future holds as our readers.

Stay tuned. Join in.

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