Manage Your Sales Channels With ASPEC’s New Global Product Filter

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ASPEC - Products Filter

On Friday, July 12th, SalesWays will be releasing version 3.5 of ASPEC Cloud complete with an enhancement to our global filter that will allow users to prioritize, forecast and review sales opportunities by product. The term “product” refers to the item being sold, but service or action could be substituted depending on your business model.

The global filter allows users to filter sales opportunities in their views for specific roles, such as organizational hierarchy, departments, regions, etc., and for selected users and now, products. In this way, the user can condense list views to just those opportunities that fit the filter criteria selected.

The global filter is not a search filter – it goes beyond that. With the Global Filter, the user can, with one click, set identical parameters for all of his views at once, giving all of ASPEC’s opportunity-focused views consistent content and making it possible to review and work data for any given sales channel.

For example, a product manager can set the Global filter for all opportunities closing in the next three months for one product in the one region for one sales person. The product manager then can see that sales person’s Forecast View and, based on what he sees and needs to review, switch seamlessly to the Priority View and see the same set of opportunities to get a break down on which opportunities need to be reviewed first. Adding the ability to filter by product adds tremendous value to any salesperson or manager looking for real-time slicing and dicing across sales channels.

Product design is extremely important to us at SalesWays, both in terms of usability and user experience. It is our belief that you should be able to use the visual web to receive the information you need without running reports. This is the product direction we are taking. We have many great new features and exciting enhancements coming down the pipeline that leverage of our unique, patented sales model of the opportunity.

This global filter enhancement comes at the request of one of our customers. They wanted to be able to track and compare performance across sales teams by giving the product manager filtered access to the data that flows naturally out of successful opportunity management. We love how managers are maximizing the power of cloud computing and big data to extract exponential value from our software.

At SalesWays, we are an agile company that listens to feedback from our customers. Do you have any feedback or questions on how we can help you drive success using our products and the power of cloud technology? Let us know!

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