Mobile Apps for Business – Even When Free They Still Suck

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There is a post on Business Insider that takes a look at thirteen enterprise mobile apps that are free, but still terrible.  The list of apps include Outlook, Oracle, HP, SAP, and Dell – some of the top technology companies in the world.

According to Business Insider:

“Everyone’s jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon, and that includes enterprise tech vendors.  The problem is, some of the apps they’ve released, despite being free, have been so glitch-ridden and poorly designed that they’ve actually done more harm than help.

“It’s clear that some vendors are just putting apps out there to show how mobile-savvy they are. They’re probably thinking, Hey, people can’t complain because they’re free, right?”

Configuration UI - What Would Steve Jobs Say?Configuration UI – What Would Steve Jobs Say?

I’d like to point out that, while the SAP mobile app is listed as free, it really isn’t. You need a subscription to the CRM app itself – which is far from free. For free, you get either a demo application, or you set up your connection via non-end user friendly terms like Server Domain and Farm ID.Enterprise mobile apps for business people is a big deal for us – previously I had talked about how bad the state of mobile business apps are, which John had elaborated on as well.

So, again, where are the apps for sales people?


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