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Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a tech-aholic. Always have been, since the days of rubber band powered cotton-reel tanks and blow guns made from elder twigs. I have more sophisticated and expensive tastes now that cover the gamut from cars, to cameras, to computers, but basically, I’ll embrace any new tech stuff that you give me. That’s why I twisted the collective arms of the editorial staff of the HUB for the category “Technology and Sales.” I figured I could test out my theories (and lust) for gadgets that boost sales productivity. (Ed – the arm twisting was accompanied by hand-me-down gadgets so it was an easy decision.)

Well, it worked, and the picture shows my latest acquisition. Just look at it. How simple. How elegant. What is it, you may say? Well, this thing is as cool as some cucumbers (check P G Wodehouse for that reference), and it’s made by Microsoft.

Microsoft? – Yes, you hear me correctly. That is the end-on view of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. The horizontal red thingy is . . . . the keyboard!

Truthfully, I have a couple of posts that Ed has not released yet in which I declare myself as becoming an Apple fan-boy after twenty years of using Microsoft. (Ed – Untrue. The Apple MacBook Air review was published Feb 5.) I also rave about the physical design of Apple products, especially my main work computer, the MacBook Air. I also have an iPad and an iPhone. But I couldn’t resist taking a look at Microsoft’s bold foray into challenging the established giants in the mobile world, Android and Apple.

The Microsoft Surface RT experience has Apple written all over it, from the quality design of the packaging to the elegance and simplicity of the device itself, but inside, the RT is Microsoft through and through with an all new mobile operating system based on Windows 8. I’m going to give the Surface a good work-out and I’m prepared for a steep learning curve. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, as always, keeping the salesperson’s needs in mind in looking at what Microsoft and the Surface have to offer.

(Ed – Disparaging remarks aside, I do try to post Dr. Thompson’s articles as soon as they meet my standards. On the Apple vs Microsoft thing, I was a contented PC user until taking this job, and the Apple fan-boys here have forced me to use a MacBook Air. Just when I’m getting to understand its quirks and capabilities, if Windows 8 is any good, it looks like I’ll be migrating back to a PC, soon.)

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