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Sales Automation Done Right I was glad to see Meryl Streep take away an Oscar for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” She is wonderful at turning herself into a totally plausible character such as Thatcher, and a while back, Julia Child.

People were not so thrilled about the Thatcher film itself. A bit thin, and too much emphasis on Mrs. Thatcher’s health issues in later life. It must be tough for the team that wrote, produced and directed the film, when your leading lady does an Oscar performance but reviewers don’t think that your work cut it.

It’s tough to take criticism, no one likes it. My book, Sales Automation Done Right has never gone mainstream, but it has gathered some enthusiastic support and is being used as a college-level text. Before I published, I got a few early positive comments for it which are referenced on the outer cover of the book.

The thing is, whenever I Google “sales automation done right” I can only come up with one review by someone named Tab. This is how I felt when I read it:

Tab: All I can say is wow.

Me: This is sounding good.

Tab: The first half of the book was so basic that the information provided should have been assumed knowledge.

Me: Oh, man, I hadn’t realized that the majority of salespeople might have thought about this stuff, let alone know it.

Tab: Or the title of the book should have been everything you wanted to know about sales automation but were afraid to ask.

Me: . . . . .hmmmm. No, I like my title better

Tab: I purchased the book to go along with a piece of software I purchased to assist in sales cycle management and time prioritizing. I am now going to use the book more as a large manual to implement the tool, hopefully this will provide the value I really need.

Me: Hey, that’s not in fact, a bad idea. The book started off as a help guide for people using our software sales automation tools. But, then it grew quickly into something much more encompassing than that. If you use the software fairly and consistently according to the method in the book, your sales will improve.

Now that I’ve analyzed Tab’s comments I feel a lot better. Tab got it. In the book, I explained in detail how the sales process and computer modeling are a perfect fit, and I described a sales methodology built around computerization. In order to explain the challenge of making a computer understand the sales process, I had to reach a consensus with the reader as to the exact meaning of each and every sales word, thus “everything you wanted to know about sales.”

Methods are described with words, some general in meaning, but some specific to the method. A quick example is how ASPEC (our product) uses the term ‘fundamental skill’. It’s not so obvious in this context as it means a collection of skills used in specific phases of the sales cycle. But if I just said ‘fundamental skill” without any explanation, you would miss my meaning.

It would be nice if Tab picks up what is happening here in The HUB. We could get this conversation going again and start “everything you wanted to know about sales automation but were afraid to ask”, Volume Two.

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