Sales Entertainment – It’s Not All Business Here At The HUB

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It’s Saturday. You’re a sales professional. So you’re working, right?

Well, so are we. But since, strictly speaking, this is not a work day, why not lighten it up a bit?

Saturdays will be our mellow day, where we’ll offer some diversion from the proposal you’re preparing or the forecast that’s due Monday or the lawn that needs mowing or any of the myriad of other items in your “Honey Do” and “Get To Work” lists.

To start, we’re offering a sales classic. We recently discovered that there are sales pros out there who haven’t seen this. And those of us who have, we would love to see it again. It’s Alec Baldwin, circa 1992, back before he and Kim Basinger were even married, let alone mortal enemies. Yes, he had a successful career before Tina Fey made him her boss on 30 Rock.

The movie was Glengarry Glen Ross, and Baldwin’s co-actors included Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey. Wow. Nominated for awards, but lost money. A dark story about the machinations in a Chicago real estate office when three salesmen are forced to play musical chairs where the music is closing the sales, and there are only two chairs left.

All right, so it’s not exactly a belly laugh on a Saturday afternoon, but this scene is a classic for anyone whose paycheck is all or partly a commission.

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