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The Business Apps That Shaped Our Organizations

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Salespeople are the most avid users of business apps, and I think the “Holy Trinity” of business apps would be for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. I might just as well say, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft still dominates the market for Windows-based business applications software. It wasn’t always like that though. I’ve written about Microsoft stifling innovation in a previous article, and I was reminded about how widespread this has been when I did some research on cameras in phones.

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Google’s Pokémon Challenge and What That Means For Businesses and Sales Teams Alike

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Do you love Pokémon and want to work at Google? Well, if you follow their challange, you could become Google’s Pokémon Master and earn yourself a spot in the final round of hiring at Google, starting September 1st 2014. Simply open your Google Maps app on your Android or iOS Smart Phone to begin exploring the world and catching Pokémon. Sounds awesome right? Well, while I sit here and wish it were true, I too was fooled by Google’s latest April fools prank.

It wasn’t until I frantically searched through the comments on the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge YouTube video, that reality sunk in. Yes, I had been an avid Pokémon fan growing up, but more impressive to me is the technology behind this concept. Google Maps for mobile is the world’s most popular app for smartphones and part of that success is due to how much information and big data Google has managed to package together.

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Samsung S4 Final Review for Business Users – Is the iPhone Better?

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Samsung S4 Final Review

I’ve now had the Samsung S4 for approaching three months, and have had enough time to really get a feel for it. I’m a former iPhone user, and was originally quite excited to trade into the world of Android. I committed myself – I made the Samsung S4 my primary business phone. From a business perspective, personally I’d rather be using the iPhone. Let’s look at why.

Important for Business: #1 = E-Mail, Calendar, and SMS

For many sales people out there, E-Mail is the most important app on their phone. It’s the #1 reason that BlackBerry fan at the airport religiously defends himself. “E-Mail just works!”

Well, in short, the S4 could be confusing for the average business user. Samsung ships with it’s own E-Mail and Calendar app, which is different than other Android devices, and different from the Google Play edition of the S4. Plus, if you use Google Apps, you can also get native Google Calendar and Gmail apps. Which is a separate set of Google Apps running on a Samsung device powered by Google. Yeah, confusing.

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Does Marketing Kill Innovation?

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Some folks think that the influence of big data on marketing decisions is going to kill off creativity. The thinking is that executives will determine the fate of projects by analysis of data alone and not allow time for the creative juices to really flow and awareness and adoption to develop.

I’m more concerned by powerhouse marketing killing off ideas emanating from small companies—those who don’t have funds to match big guys in getting their story out. This has happened a lot in the technology world, and there are countless examples of really smart ideas and products getting axed through fear of competition from a colossus peddling a less capable offering and using sledgehammer-type marketing campaigns and funding.

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Our Review of the MS Surface RT – A Good Value Tablet?

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I just got my hands on the Microsoft Surface RT. This device has been on the market for approximately ten months. Let’s find out if it’s is still worth buying.

The Hardware

First thing I notice when is that the device feels solid because of its magnesium chassis. However, because of its size and material, it weighs 680g, which is on the heavy side for modern tablets.

The screen is a 10.6-inch 1366×768 ClearType HD Display which translates into 155dpi. Even though Microsoft points out that their ClearType technology improves the visual sharpness of text, this is only true if you are comparing it to a display with similar resolution. If you are comparing to competitive displays with double or even triple the pixel density, it really falls short.

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3 Tips on How To Maximize Technology and Improve Sales Productivity

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It’s July already? Time sure flies when you’re being productive! And it’s hard to believe that even with 24 hours in a day and 8 hours in a workday, I still struggle to find enough time to do everything there is to do. There are only so many to-do lists I can make, and after (disappointingly) learning that multitasking is a myth, I’ve had to rely on tools and technology to help manage my time better.

In my last post, I shared with you my top 5 favourite apps that help keep me organized, focused, and most importantly, productive. Being organized at home is just as important as being organized at work and there are many innovative sales productivity tools (some that you may have not even considered) that can help you better organize and efficiently manage your sales force.

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Mobile Apps for Business – Even When Free They Still Suck

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There is a post on Business Insider that takes a look at thirteen enterprise mobile apps that are free, but still terrible.  The list of apps include Outlook, Oracle, HP, SAP, and Dell – some of the top technology companies in the world.

According to Business Insider:

“Everyone’s jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon, and that includes enterprise tech vendors.  The problem is, some of the apps they’ve released, despite being free, have been so glitch-ridden and poorly designed that they’ve actually done more harm than help.

“It’s clear that some vendors are just putting apps out there to show how mobile-savvy they are. They’re probably thinking, Hey, people can’t complain because they’re free, right?”

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5 Apps to Keep You Personally Productive

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Post It Face

Chris Hamoen wrote about his favorite iPhone apps for business last week, and that got me to thinking about what apps I use, and what for. The what for was easy – productivity. With so much to do, so little time, how can we possibly keep track of it all? Without constant reminders, alarms and notifications, I would be lucky to get to work, let alone make it through the day.

For the most part, our lives have become automated and routinized, which is good news for those of us who were not blessed with the ability to multi-task. There are hundreds, even thousands, of tools and applications to help increase productivity in our day-to-day lives. But which productivity apps are making life easier, and which are just cluttering up our daily task lists? Productivity tools are only useful if they are easy to use. Less is more and simple is better.

We cannot manage time – we can only manage ourselves. So, here is a list of five of my favourite productivity tools, the ones I use everyday to do that:

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The Woeful State of Business Apps

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Business Phone Apps

Chris Hamoen wrote an article last week wondering where all the business apps are. He organized the available apps into four categories and talked a little about each one.

I decided to investigate this myself and see just what these apps were that filled his categories. To do that, I looked at top business app lists from various journals and other respected sources. I was a little disappointed with what I found, and I can echo Chris’s question – where are all the business apps?

I went to TechRadar, Info World, and Network World and got their top apps lists for 2012. TechRadar had a top 10, the others 25 each for a total of 60 apps. Most of them for the iPhone because that’s what these lists looked at and there are simply more iPhone apps than Android, giving these reviewers a better selection to choose from.

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