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Baseball, Big Data, and Selling.

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A while ago I wrote a post on Sabermetrics which us using baseball statistics to make strategic decisions in improving a team’s performance especially when it came to individual performers. This was the subject of the story in the movie “Moneyball” staring Brad Pit. My post was how to use some of these ideas in building sales teams.

Now there is another book that discusses the role of Big Data in baseball.  (“Big Data Baseball ; Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20yr Losing Streak,”  by Travis Sawchik. This idea takes Sabermetrics a bit further and looks at the idea of sifting the huge amount of Big Data that has amassed in baseball to make long range decisions on a Club’s success rate.

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Forecasting Analytics: The Sales Cycle Length

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Occasionally, I go to the LinkedIn sales forums to see what’s on the minds of salespeople and the problems they are struggling with. I get frustrated though, because as the owner of a commercial sales application development business, I am frequently not allowed to post my two cents worth because it is “self-promotion.”

Recently, a sales manager was asking, “What is the best analytic I can use to see if my salespeople have good pipelines and my forecasting has a chance of being accurate.”

I know my answer to this probably won’t come up in the discussion thread. The one piece of data that drives information and knowledge about strategy in the sale and creates the best chance of accurate projections is . . . the length of the sales cycle. Let’s see why.

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Your CRM Solution – Great Dashboard and Poor Results

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Imagine someone is buying a car simply based on the quality of the dashboard instrumentation. The speedometer is more accurate than an average car, there is a wonderful navigation system that provides the driver with details of their journey, and a number of additional instruments displaying the engine condition. All of this is nicely presented with an attractive design and interface. Now this person takes out the new car for their first ride and it turns out that the car performs poorly. The acceleration is too low to keep up with the traffic. The fuel economy, combined with a small fuel tank, forces the driver to make frequent stops costing valuable time. The exclusive focus on the dashboard led to the purchase of a car with low performance superbly displayed on a fancy dashboard.

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The Evolution of Computational Selling – What You Need To Know About Sales Automation

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Regular HUB readers will know that at SalesWays we are constantly looking to improve sales performance using technology – that’s been a mission of mine since my early career in sales and my first personal computer. This is referred to as “sales force automation” and I’ve never really liked the term. It sounds too military for me—I see images of rows of salespeople lined up in battle formation. SFA spun out from “contact management” which involved PCs maintaining databases of names, addresses and other customer data. Attempts to store details of sales opportunities morphed it into SFA. As the information expanded in scope and involved workflow between other departments in the company, the terminology Customer Relationship Management (CRM) took over and quickly became the norm. Now most people are confused between SFA and CRM—trust me, my company sells both products and we find it hard to quickly convince people of the difference.

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8 Sales Pain Points – Do You Have Sales Pain?

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Any enterprise considering an opportunity management solution has, by definition, an opportunity management problem. Just as in medicine, triage is the first step in selecting an opportunity management app – where does it hurt?

It is a fair assumption that most companies today will have an established CRM program. For many sales organizations, the opportunity management capability of that program is inadequate, or even counter-productive, the victim of trying to do everything for everyone instead of focusing on doing the important thing for sales success. Here is a list of some of the customer pains caused by poor opportunity management modules, and the solution that ASPEC provides.

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ASPEC for Salesforce – Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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ASPEC for Salesforce

It is my utmost pleasure to announce that ASPEC for Salesforce  is now available on the AppExchange. SalesWays’ groundbreaking opportunity management app using our patented sales methodology is readily available, fully-integrated into the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software.

ASPEC for Salesforce is a connected app that is compatible with all Sales Cloud editions with Opportunity Tracking enabled. With this launch, Sales Cloud users can instantly unlock tremendous value from their Salesforce opportunity tracking through the additional visual and analytical tools found only in ASPEC.

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The Week In Review, June 2, 2013

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Price Waterfall

Another month gone and we’re in June already. I know that because I had to attend an outdoor wedding yesterday and the bug spray overpowered the flowers.

Here’s our line-up for the past week. Interesting and eclectic as always. Marianna Loza’s personal productivity article got a lot of interest, but my favorite was Rainer Gerlach’s Price Waterfall. A very interesting and instructive article on a topic you won’t find on any other sales content site.

Monday – 5 Apps to Keep You Personally Productive
Personal productivity app for your computer and mobile devices are spawning like bacteria in a petri dish. Here are five personal productivity apps that come recommended from a power user.

Tuesday – CRM: What’s Next? Part 1
With SEO and Digital Marketing, lead generation has increased the number of leads generated, and their fragility. If the sales process does not effectively pick these up and manage them, they are lost. Marketing and sales must be integrated to prevent this.

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Sales Are UP! Why Don’t I Feel Better?

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Technical Difficulties

Ed. Technical difficulties! OMG, we’ve had technical difficulties! Fortunately we have enough interesting and compelling content here at The HUB that we can dig into our archive and still offer up something that you should find, well, interesting and compelling. I’ve gone back to the early days, our 3rd week of publication, in fact, to pull up an article that you may have missed from then. Enjoy it. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to whipping those tech types to solve our difficulties.

Sales are picking up. Wonderful! We really feel good.

But is it because our sales team is doing an excellent job, or is it because the market is booming? The same applies to the other way round. Sales are down, is it us or them? Although it is so vital to our success we often do not know the real truth, and if we find out, it is very late – too late for taking the right actions early enough for meeting our targets.

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The Impact of the Sales Team On Pricing

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Dollar People

Sales volume is a prerequisite for making profit, but it is not a guarantee of it. Of course there can be no profit without sales, but there can be sales without profit. Without the right price, a company may be very successful in terms of sales volume, but may actually lose money – or at least not get the money it deserves. Price has the most direct effect on profit. Every percentage point of a price change will directly end up in the bottom line. It is therefore worthwhile taking a closer look at this aspect of sales.

Pricing involves a lot more than creating price lists and defining discounting policies. Eventually pricing decisions must be implemented, and this, in most of the B2B companies, falls under the responsibility of the sales force. The sales people have an impact on the actually realized prices in several ways:

  • First of all, it is on them to discover the customer’s needs in order to be able to offer the right product or service (probe skills).
  • Secondly they have to convince the customer about the value of the offered solution (prove skills).
  • And last but not least, it depends on their closing skills to negotiate and defend the price.

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Sales Management… Research Reveals the Important Stuff

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Market Research

Ed. We’re welcoming back Jason Jordan of Vantage Point Performance with a second research-based article. This time, it’s sales management that gets examined, and they found some interesting information on how all of you sales managers spend your time, and offer some very cogent observations on how it might be better spent.

We often contend (and do believe) that the sales manager’s role is the most complex in any organization. They are part teacher, part coach, part salesperson, part CFO, part IT director, part marketing manager, part sales support, and perhaps parts of many other roles. Sales managers do a bunch of stuff. But what stuff matters the most?

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